DIY Mega Guide: Build a Skateboard Park At Home

 Do It Yourself skateboard ramps at home

Whats up dudes and dudettes! SHIT® welcomes you to our DIY Skateboarding Guide! Here you will be able to find ALL and the BEST information on how to build your very own skatepark at home!

What is this SHIT®?

DIY is short for “do it yourself” and we see it as a philosophy! It's the activity of building, modifying or repairing something by your own means and with your own hands! We have had the influence of DIY since the beginnings of skateboarding when California surfers created the first “skateboards” out of plain wooden boards which they shaped themselves and then using the wheels of regular roller skates and attaching them to those boards to create what we now call a skateboard! As you can see, without the DIY mindset, none of this would have been possible!

Imagine all of the possibilities of having your own skatepark at home, not only we are going to teach you how to do so, but we will be with you every step of the way. Private skateparks that were only accessible by some of the hug e skateboarding stars or people with SHIT® loads of money is a thing of the past!




You can now build an entire set up of fun obstacles in which you are going to be able to practice all of the stuff you've been meaning to learn without having to fall in front of everyone on your skatepark, these guides are also intended for the obstacles to be transportable, this way you can also bring a couple obstacles to that other dudes BBQ and show all of your skateboarding friends your new setup and have them all test your craftsmanship skills and get some BRO points!

You will be able to just have them out in the driveway to practice and it is also a great way to teach some new stuff to your little dude or dudette if you are a skate mom or dad!

Contents of Mega Guide!

With the SHIT® DIY guides you will find an alternative to the things out there in the market, of course, if you have plenty of money you could just call one of those specialized ramp building companies and they will do it for you, but let's face it, THEY ARE NOT CHEAP! 

You are not only paying for the materials but also for the time of the people working on it. But what if we tell you that ALL of the materials necessary to build almost any kind of ramp, ledge, rail and all of your go to obstacles from your favorite skatepark can be found at your local Home Depot or even online! And to build these units you require some experience of course but just enough to be able to measure, cut and follow instructions! To break it down to you, if you were able to put together that IKEA book shell for your aunt, you can also build your own SKATEPARK AT HOME! and you can have a lot of fun in the process!

What if we tell you that in the future you could even be receiving a SHIT® package to your front door with a printed guide and all of the materials necessary to build that backyard ramp? The sky's the limit my dude!


We interrupt this transmission to bring you some skating SHIT mascots (Below This Image: Guides!)

DIY Skateboard Ramp: How to build a skatepark at home


SHIT® DIY Database

We will leave you with some of our most popular guides from our DIY database, which you can also print out! the guides include information from the materials you will need to get, to the measurements and step by step illustrated info which makes the whole process even easier! You will also be able to find video and audio versions of each guide so you can work on your project hands on while listening to the step by step instructions comfortably on your laptop or mobile device!



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