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DIY Skateboarding: How To Build a Grind Box

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.

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A grind box may well be all your skateboard desires. As a poet would say: Those who restrain desire do so, because theirs is weak enough to be restrained. You should never be shackled and bound to deprive yourself by temporal limitations. If you feel you might need it, then you need it. It’s only natural. If you got the time and a minimum of resources you just pull it off yourself, only then your skateboarding will remain true. That’s what ‘do it yourself’ really means, and today we will guide you through your first homemade grind box.


Easy as Two Ladders

That’s right; just think of it as structuring two ladders and sticking them together. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We need materials first: 4 pine struts of 35x90x2000mm, 12 pine struts of 35x90x530mm, 6 pine struts 35x170x300mm, one plywood of 12x600x2000m and another of 12x310x2000mm and one angled iron of 50x50x1.6x2000m. Don’t forget your drill and screws!

WARNING: Work on an even surface. Must be perfectly flat terrain.

Skateboard Grind Box DIY: Handmade and Materials

Start with the first ladder, that is the base of the structure. Take two of the four biggest pine struts and align them in parallel measuring their distance with two of the twelve smaller struts. Form and drill together the rectangle, then sandwich five of the remaining ten struts in the rectangle and you got your first ‘ladder’ ready.

Do it yourself how to make a skateboard grind box






Top and Bottom: The Body of the Box

Now you got to build the second frame, that is the second ladder that’ll be on top of the first. Copy and paste the same procedure for the first frame; that’s the five remaining struts of 35x90x530mm sandwiched along the two remaining biggest struts. Once the second frame/ladder is finished, grab four of the six pine struts of 35x170x300 and attach them in the corners of the first frame; those will be the columns for supporting the second level.

How To Make a skateboard grind box for grinding and sliding

Use the remaining two in the center to distribute the weight along the whole structure. Proceed and screw everything up (not fucking it up): the two ladders are now a single unit, a skeletal rectangular prism. Attach the bigger plywood in the top face and the smaller plywood in one of the bases. The measurements will make them fit just fine.

DIY how to make a skate grind box

Finally, screw the angled iron in the edge between both plywood planks. Congratulations! Your very own grind box is ready for be shred. Smooch it passionately with the deck.

how to make a grind box for skateboarding and grinding


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