Can I get sponsored?
Yes! Absolutely.
If you want us to seriously consider you as a team skater we expect you to be humble, positive and have a good level of basic tricks in your bag. And if you do, you can simply send us a "sponsor me" video edit with your skateboarding and a few words about yourself and why you want to be sposored by SHIT via e-mail "post at shitskateboardcompany.com" or via DM on our Instagram @shitskateboardcompany No music allowed.  
Note! All sponsor me videos will be stored and maybe published in SoMe.

Can I get a free skateboard? 

Can I get free stickers? 
Yes! If you send us an envelope with postal stamps and your address - we will send you some free stickers. 
Deal: Upon reciept you opt to take a picture of you and the stuickers, the stickers on your fridge-, board-, bumper or so on. 

What is SHIT NFT`s? 
It is our blockchain project. Read more at www.shitnft.no 

How do I pay for my order?

We currently accept these methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Where do you ship and how much does it cost?
Shipping in Norway is always 69 NOK. We ship worldwide for $7.55 for light item orders to a certain size (T-shirt's, Hats, small items), and up to about $38 for bigger items.
FREE to pick up at SHIT SKATE SHOP in Stavanger. Øvre Holmegate 11., 2nd Floor. 

I placed an order but didn't receive any confirmation email?
During high-traffic periods, there may be delays in delivery of confirmation emails. If you have not received an email after one hour, please check your junk folder. If you think you entered an incorrect email, please contact us at service@shitskateboardcompany.com with your order number and last name and we will re-send your confirmation.

When will my order arrive?
Shipping time depends on your location. Orders placed to Norwegian adresses usually arrive after 3-5 days. European and US adresses you may expect delivery to arrive by 7-14 days. Note the transit times are estimates and may vary.

Do you accept returns?
Yes, please refer to the returns section in our terms and conditions.

How can I contact you?
Please email service@shitskateboardcompany.com with any questions regarding your order.

Will I be charged tax or customs on orders?
You will not be charged any extra tax or customs if you live within Norway. If you live outside you may be charged customs or import tax. We are not responsible for any import duty or custom tax, and this is solely the responsibility of the buyer.

VAT is included in the prices showing on the website.

Can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped, you will get a confirmation and a tracking number.