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This is the Aksel Sørum SHIT® PRO Complete Setup now available for Pre-Purchase.

There are two variants of this model. And they are VERY different. One is specially made for big transitions that vert skateboarding requires, and one is made for pure street skateboarding. 

The PRO Complete setup is suitable for both young and adult.

Aksel's vert SHIT PRO model is a custom made board to meet his personal preferences when it comes to skating big transitions. It has a longer wheelbase which is more suitable for that kind of skateboarding.

PS! Because of the Coronavirus we are experiencing some delays, the supply chains are again speeding up and you can expect to have this product delivered by mid-June. Quantities are limited, purchase now to secure your product!

Read the announcement about Sørum going pro with SHIT® here


This Pro Complete Package Includes:
Deck: 799 NOK
Independent Bearings GP-S 1: 199 NOK
Independent Trucks: 799 NOK
Grip: 99 NOK
Mounting Hardware: 49 NOK
101a/52mm Wheels: 599 NOK (Ps. Vert variant contains 60mm wheels)

The Pro Kit comes unassembled. If you want us to assemble it for you, buy one of our assembly packages here!


  • 100% Canadian Quality Hard Rock Maple
  • 7 Ply
  • American Made (New York City)
  • Best Decks on The Market
  • Vert Variant Specs: 8.25 (32 5/8 length and 14.5 WB)

Aksel Sørum Professional Skateboarder From Norway