About Us

The Owners: SHIT® Founder Frode Goa (Left) with CEO Lars Horpestad (Photo: Byas Aftenbladet 2019)

We are some obsessed maniacs, no doubt about that. Since we started in 2000 we keep getting more obsessed about skateboarding, obsessed with what kind of quality we can bring into our products, heck.. we're even growing our obsession with going global with this SHIT.

At the end of 2019 we grew into also becoming a media magazine, so at this moment we've got our products based business with a solid foundation in Norway and a few amazing journalists running SHIT® Magazine from Bogotá, Colombia.

And we're just barely getting started. If you're interested in following our story, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and keep coming back to check in on us!


Frode Goa skating down the counter in one of the SHIT® stores, ca 2007 (Photo: Dagens Næringsliv)


SHIT® Headquarters Early 2000s. This is where it all started!


The front of Old SHIT® Flag Store in Oslo, ca 2010 (Photo: Unkown)


CEO Lars and Founder Frode at the opening of a new Pop-up store in a Stavanger mall, 2020 (Photo: SHIT)