A New Era Has Begun, and SHIT® is Happening Again.

SHIT® Headquarters Early 2000s: From Startup to Establishment

Skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding have escalated worldwide. When SHIT® Skateboard Company started, we never thought that our deepest passions would become what they are today. Communities around the globe are gathering to ride and change the streets. Even the hardest falls haven’t stopped us in this journey that has formed a global phenomenon.

Our goal in this new world however, is to stay loyal to what we are. Kim Stokke and Frode Goa, two Norwegian friends who shared the hobby of skateboarding, founded this company and made their dream come true in 2000 with one thing in mind: to design and create something from and for the community. Like this worldwide movement, we’ve built this dream brick by brick, starting in Frode’s apartment.

Things have changed for us too. We worked for our dream and made it bigger every day. Today we are an international company that retains its soul as a community brand. But not everything has been good on this road. Sadly, Kim passed away. The relaunch of SHIT® Skateboard Company is a way of honouring him, but also the achievement and continuation of his dreams, which came true in spite of the obstacles that appeared along the way.

Since day one, SHIT® has been committed to all of the hardcore skaters, snowboarders and surfers out there, who want the best stuff for their rides. But this is not about selling the best SHIT® available in the market, it’s about making community and inspiring both old school riders and beginners. We want to motivate you. We dream about you getting out of the couch for a trip on the streets of your city, wherever you are. We want you to take a stand for your dreams in the same way you get up after you hit the ground in a skateboard fall. Like our favorite sports, SHIT® is about perseverance, hard work and passion for the simple things.

SHIT® happens, but it will never stop us. And when it hits the fan, SHIT® will be with you to get up and get it done.
Frode Goa Lars Horpestad

SHIT® Founder Frode Goa (left) together with CEO Lars Horpestad (Photo: Aftenbladet/Byas)