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Aksel Sørum Goes Pro With SHIT®

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Stance: Goofy
Age: 12
Instagram: @Akseldrop

Aksel started skating at the age of 9 with the support of his parents after a visit to SKUR13, an Indoor skate park located in Oslo, with 1,500 square meters of rails, pipes and ramps in which Aksel got his first glimpse of what was going to become his current life! After one of the guys at the park noticed Aksel’s interest and potential he decided to give the kid a few tips on how to get started and he has not been able to stop skating ever since. He got his first full set up as a gift from his father a few days after the visit to the park. The Tjøme Skategalla 2017 from Bird House got him even more pumped up to continue pursuing the dream of reaching the stars with his board!

He got into Vert Skateboarding due to his passion and the excitement caused by the thrill of being in the air with his board. He started skating the big drops and ramps shortly after jumping on his first board, proving he was a natural in this discipline. Pro skaters like Espen Røed, Pontus Bjørn, Øystein Greni and vert skaters like Eirik Ellefsen and Christian Engfeldt took Aksel under their wings providing advice and transmitting knowledge to whats is to become one of the greatest names in the vert discipline in the future!

The Oslo Skate Hall has become one of the biggest learning and growing places for Sørum since it has provided him what is almost his second family, all of the skaters that ride these obstacles and cheer his drops have been a critical part of his learning curve and personal growth.


SHIT® and Sørum

This video from earlier this year includes an interview and in-action footage

Aksel has become one of the best additions to the SHIT® Team and since December of 2019 he has been waving our flag and leaving it high wherever he goes. After skating for a little over 3 years, Aksel is one of the most promising figures for Norway’s skateboarding! He is already next to some of the biggest names in the country like Adil Dyani and Mats Hatlem to name a few and all of this at the age of 12! We are very excited to see the bright future this dude has in his way while riding along with the SHIT® team!


Competing for the Win!

This year Aksel will be officially able to compete in large scale worldwide competitions as per Norway's regulations and will finally be able to show his amazing skills to the world! He has been part of many competitions in his short career and even got 1st place at the Trikkestallen Norway XMAS Jam Bowl that took place in December. A great way to start the year.


The Bright Future Of a Rising Star

Aksel is currently celebrating big achievements that have hit the headlines in the skateboarding industry in Norway and the whole world, one of those is the fact that he was able to land a beautifully executed BS 540 MCTWIST which is a trick very few skateboarders in Norway have been able to pull off, much less at the age this dude has! He is focusing on learning something new every day and it shows!

Another big reason Sørum is celebrating is the fact that he is the youngest skateboarder in Norway to become a pro and receive his signature deck! That's right! Aksel is going pro! The models are ready for pre-sale from today and you can purchase them here.

Aksel himself has been a huge part of the creative process of the decks and has been hands-on providing feedback and the specifications he wants to have on his signature models, he has been involved not only with the graphics that were put on the board but also the sizes and further technical aspects in them.

Aksel Sørum Goes Pro with SHIT®

The 2 Aksel Sørum SHIT® PRO Models are very different when it comes to the technical aspects, one is designed for street skateboarding and the other one is designed for Vert!

A wide variety of deck sizes, from 8.5, 7.6 (Youth) all the way to 7.3 (Kids) and also the complete PRO package with Independent trucks as well as the best quality materials of a full set up package in the market. The decks are of unmatched quality and are produced in New York by the top skateboard deck manufacturer in the world.

The Aksel Sørum SHIT® VERT PRO Model is a custom made board that meets Sørum’s personal preferences with the best and improved specifications to achieve the craziest transitions and roll smoothly from the highest drops. It has a longer wheelbase which is more suitable for this particular discipline. Specs: 8.25 (32 5/8 length and 14.5 WB).

Aksel is currently scheduled to visit the US, most particularly California and he is going to be able to see and visit the places where it all started as he is an avid fan of the skateboarding history and its beginnings. It is among his plans to eventually be able to participate in events like the Vans park series and compete head to head with the world pros, he is also aiming to be able to compete and represent Norway's National Skateboarding team at the Olympics!

We are certain that with the skills this dude has and the love he has for skateboarding, he will be waving Norway's flag all over the world in no time!

See his Pro Model for Pre-Sale in our store by clicking here!

Aksel Sørum Professional Skateboarder from Norway

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