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The SHIT® COVER is a patented skateboard cover from back in the days, originating in 2001.

The idea is a smart cover to protect the board from the rain-, as well as protect your fancy car interior (or your parents) from the sharp grip edges, truck nuts, bearing oil and dirty wheels.

Since the first cover, a funky yellow version, that sold 1000pcs, lot of feedback and changes was done. The V2 with improvements came about 2004, and the V3 came about 2006 and it was foldable into itself. Thousands have been sold globally.

Now we are happy to introduce our latest upgrade, the SHIT® COVER V3.1 – an improvement from the V3. This beast covers as big as vert decks and have aditionally double fabric on nose and tail.

SHIT® COVER V3.1 features:

  • Foldable into itself (zip pocket)
  • Rainproof/Dirtproof
  • Extra hidden pocket for skate tool, cash and plastic card
  • Made of quality durable longlasting coated Polyester
  • New! Enforced (double layer) on nose and tail
  • Long zipper to completely cover the board
  • New! Bigger size – fits also complete vert skateboards

-You can even fit a pair of shoes and a bottle of water in the cover placed between the boards trucks