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Take your game to a whole new level with this tray of 24 boxes at 250ml per box. We're super stoked and proud to introduce you to our brand new SHIT® ENERGY DRINK designed to put you in that groove that makes everyone go OH SHIT as you rocket by.


SHIT® ENERGY DRINK contains pantothenic acid which is necessary when the body converts carbohydrates and fatty acids into energy. Dietary fiber for binding fluid. Niacin which is vitamin B₃, as well as vitamins B12 and B6 that make the energy drink a beneficial supplement when you need some extra energy and vitamins for skateboarding, exercise, study, work, etc.

  • Caffeine: 32mg / 100ml
  • Recommended age limit 14+ years
  • 2 NOK bottle return pant included per box
  • With larger orders, please contact us for better prices.


Norway: 3-5 days
International: No international shipping for this item yet


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