04th September 2021 we opened our own brand new SHIT® SKATE SHOP Downtown Stavanger in Norway. 

In addition to our own quality SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY products, we carry other quality brands such as example: 
Independent, Santa Cruz, Polar, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Sushi, Sour Solution, Powell Peralta, ProTec safety gear and helmets.

The shop is located in Øvre Holmegate 11, 2nd Floor in the Colorful Street (Fargegata). 
The shop is run by Renè Juel Petersen, Stefan Vatland, Sjur Torgersen (Shop Manager) and mentored with Frode Goa (Brand Founder together with Kim Stokke, RIP, back in 2000). 

SHIT SKATE SHOP already made history by being nominated to THE CITYS BEST SHOP 2021, as the first ever skate shop making it to the nominations where only five shops made it! Read more here.

Find us on Google Maps here.

Operating Hours: 
Wednesdays 13-18
Thursdays 12-19
Saturdays 10-17 

We are thinking about having open Sundays from 12-14 in terms of if someone needs an urgent deck, bearing or whatever. What do you think? 

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