Ernst Kloster (Innovator) has been working together with Frode Goa (Founder) for about a half year with the TALKING BUBBLE PROJECT.

The project goal is to reunite old SHIT® fans since the early 2000`s as well as connect new fans. The way to do this is to make sure fans get hold of a TALKING BUBBLE NFT. For this to happen you need a Coinbase Wallet.

First step is to connect 3100 fans. Early birds can REGISTER on our ALLOW LIST at

The vision and the brands DNA from day one
✅Swipe the dust off the skateboard
✅Get young and old people out of the coach and in activity
✅Spread the joy of skateboarding for all ages
✅Pushing Skateboarding Forward

We believe the next step will be combining blockchain technology with  physical skateboarding. You will in the future save your hard earn merits in the metaverse.

Public sale is just a few weeks ahead. And you do not want to miss this.

Link to collection:

If you are new to NFT`s - read this