Our shop was propped all day long at our POTTL X SHIT fingerboard event last Saturday of September. Our Team skater Laland who is behind POTTL did a great job rigging the whole shop to a fingerboard park heaven. 

Thanks to every one of you who came. 

There was a lot going on and at the same time on all the smaller table parks.

A classic GAME OF SKATE was held and the two finalists are on this pic above together with Kim Laland.

We have an awesome POTTL fingerboard park in our shop and we have POTTL decks, trucks and wheels. Come by anytime during our operating hours and shred the park for free. Bring a friend. Spread the word. 

We are already planning a new event that we hope to take place before X-mas. 

Thanks to everyone showing up and making it a great day. And big congrats to the finalists and winners. And a huge thanks to Laland at POTTL for letting us host this great event.