During Easter Holidays 2024 we arranged a FREE DECK DESIGN WORKSHOP for the youth of stavanger. It was a pilot project together with Stavanger Kommune and Rec Cross Stavanger and Fellesverket Youth Club Downtown Stavanger. 
There was a limit of 13 spots. And it was fully booked in just minutes. 

The three day workshop was a blast and we are already planning the next one. So keep your eyes out. 

Deck Design Workshop was for free. Target group was age 13 to 25, boys and girls. No skills in skateboarding or drawing was needed. 

We had special guest stars two of the days, with local artist and multi talent Niico and our own BRO TEAM SKATER Mentzoni who has over 20years experience with deck graphics. 

A huge thanks to Stavanger Kommune, Jacob at Fellesverket, Red Cross Stavanger and all joining this "deck fest". 

We are stoked on the workshop and very impressed about the final results of the crew. Pics below confirms... 

Here is a bunch of pictures.... 

Mentzoni in tha house. 

Local artist Niico in tha house, 

NRK popped by as well. 

If you are interrested in the next SHIT DECK DESIGN WORKSHOP. You can already today send us an e-mail at and we will make sure you are the first one to get an invite!