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Zoe Williams Learned How to Skate In Her 40s

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Zoe Williams is a journalist from The Guardian who decided to get 'Fit In Her 40s', which also is the name of her column. She shares with the audience her own experiences trying out different physical activities to stay in shape during this pandemic season.

In her articles, she wrote about all the resources to stay in shape if you can't go out of your home and do other activities. That's why she ran, swum without water, cleaned her house as an exercise, and she also learned how to skate.

Williams expressed how difficult it was to her as she turned to YouTube as a resource to learn it. To make it even more difficult, the 40s isn't an age where you learn as fast as if you're a kid.

Something that is important to highlight, is that skateboarding is a practice that everyone can do but also one where it is important to take preventive measures so you don't end up with an injury. 






How To Skate If You Are 40

Photo: Jorge Gonzalez (Unsplash)

Of course, Zoe didn't try without the help of someone else. When we just don't know anything about skateboarding and techniques, we will make some mistakes and it's completely normal, but with the help of others, it will be easier to navigate.

So if you are with a partner you will be able to discover different methods to figure out what skateboarding is all about. She took her first skateboarding class, where she learned how to stand up on the board, "the entire first phase is just finding your mojo on the board, which is to say, not falling off it. The nursery slopes are exactly as you would expect – one foot on the board, one foot on the ground, pushing you along", Said Williams in her opinion at The Guardian.

She told that her son was the first to try it, they were outside "you’re also not going to learn how to kickflip immediately – who knows, maybe never. The dream for me is to simply ride the skateboard."

Skateboarding has been stigmatized for being urban. By now it's good to see more and more people skating, not only kids but also youth and adults.

Because that's what skateboarding was made for, to be an inclusive thing where you can compete with ourselves to go out for that dream trick, and the trick might be just rolling around. Additional to this are the physical and mental benefits of skateboarding.

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