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Zion Effs Interview With SHIT® Magazine

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


There is a superstar in the making in Miami. Zion Effs (@zioneffsis a an awesome kid who has a big passion for skateboarding. But it doesn’t stop there, Zion isn't just good at skateboarding, he is more of master in the making. At just 11 years of age he is performing technichal tricks with such flow that stardom seems inevitable as Zion continues to improve every day.

We had the pleasure of meeting Zion to get to know more about his love for skateboarding and what he expects to accomplish with it. Watch this interview to know more about this cool Skater kid, Zion.






Our Interview With Zion Effs



SHIT®: We see that you like to be very technical with your tricks. What is your skateboarding style? How would you define it yourself?
Zion: My Style is just kinda lay back, I don’t like to rush when I’m doing tricks or anything, so yeah kinda like the laid back style.

SHIT®: And when a trick goes wrong do you repeat it over and over again or just give it a break?
Zion: Yeah, most of the time I’ll just repeat it untill I land it.

SHIT®: How important has your family been in this skating process of yours?
Zion: They’ve been very important because they support me a hundred percent and they helped me to get to the place I am right now.

SHIT®: We also saw Danny Fuenzalida was a teacher of yours and helped you to become the skater you are today. How has he helped you with your skills and what did he teach you to help you improve every day?
Zion: Danny gives me things for new tricks and helped me a lot to make new tricks and stuff.

SHIT®: And you hang out with him?
Zion: Yeah, I hang out with him a lot.

SHIT®: Any other skaters that's been big inspirations of yours?
Zion: Daewong Song is one of my favorite skaters because he has a bunch of crazy tricks I don’t think anybody else can do, and he just does it so good.

SHIT®: You have been to a lot of contests and performances, is there one you like the most?
Zion: There was one skate contest in New York called the Damn AM and it was super fun because it was my first one, and there were a bunch of very good skaters that I had to go against and it was just a fun contest.

SHIT®: How important is skateboarding in your life?
Zion: Skateboarding always make me happy and it’s just like when I’m bored I just go do it and it's what I love to do.

SHIT®: You couldn’t live without skateboarding?
Zion: I couldn’t.

SHIT®: I see that you are a street skateboarder, but would you like to be a vert skateboarder or try like a Big Air Ramp or something like that?
Zion: I’m mostly a street skater but when I have a ramp to skate i’ll do it.

SHIT®: Is there something you wish to accomplish in 2020 with skateboarding?Zion: I just want to be known and start making money out of it.

SHIT®: And do you think that will happen this year?
Zion: I believe it is very possible but we’ll see.

SHIT®: What music do you like when you skate?
Zion: Just a lot of rap music, mostly.

SHIT®: What artists?
Zion: Like NWA, Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

SHIT®: Your brother is also a skater, do you teach him?
Zion: Yeah I do sometimes, when he wants to learn a trick I help him.

SHIT®: Do you imagine the two of you being pro skaters?
Zion: That would be really cool actually.

SHIT®: Do you have a favourite place to skate?
Zion: My favourite place is Lot 11, a new skatepark that opened in Miami and is really fun. It just has everything that I like to skate.

SHIT®: We saw you had a collection of like 50 decks in your bedroom, wich one is your favourite?
Zion: Santa Cruz’s skateboards, those are my favourite.

SHIT®: Is your father a skating guy?
Zion: No my father is not a skating guy.

SHIT®: Does he worry that you scratch yourself or something while skating, or does he know that skateboarding is like that?
Zion: He knows skateboarding is like that he doesn’t worry too much.

SHIT®: And have you felt a lot?
Zion: Yeah I fall all the time but nothing serious.

SHIT®: And you want to skate in other place? Like Barcelona, that is a sick place.
Zion: Yeah I always wanted to go to Barcelona.


You just met with Zion Effs (@zioneffs) from Miami. Remember to follow him on Instagram to see how his journey forward unfolds.



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