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WTF! Electric Skateboard Tricks!?


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Not all of you may know about electric skateboards. Physically this skateboard have electronic components like a battery, motors and a control board. They are usually longboards which are more stable than other shapes of skateboards. This is not skating, but everybody can ride it with or without good skateboarding skills. And believe it or not, you can do some tricks. It is not as sick as you may think, but just for general knowledge and laughs, here are some tricks you may pull off.


Yes, Electric Skateboards Exist

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

With the exception of the shape there are a lot of materials for electric skateboards to choose from. Materials won’t influence the board performance. This is not like a normal skateboard, if you ride an electric skateboard you’ll not have much tricks to do. Electric skateboards could be made of maple, bamboo or carbón fiber, nevertheless, beginners can start with a flexible maple board, so that they can get more stable, helping you to control. Riding an electric longboard could be a little different, mainly just used for cruising, but if you are not like everybody it is possible you make tricks with it.

Electric skateboards are not the first option for tricks, they are really heavy, weighing in at 15lbs or more. Because of the shape of these boards, it is not easy to pull tricks. You don’t have a kicktail which is the basis of doing traditional tricks. But you may have one (just guessing man) and want to try to pull some tricks just like with your real skateboard.






Copy Tricks on Electric Skateboards

You may be able to do the “Hippie Jump”, this is a trick where the rider jumps above the board, leaving it on the ground to pass underneath the object the rider is jumping over and then landing back on the board. This trick may be easier because of the stability of the board.

Then, we have “The Boneless”, a street trick where you grab the middle of the board with your hand, plant one foot on the ground to pop the board up, and then land back on the ground with both feet on the board. You will have to do some adjustments because of the weight of the electric skateboard but when you calculate it well enough, “The Boneless” on top of an electric skateboard will look ok. Also, you may do some shove it’s, an early grab and “Ghostride Kickflips”.

So now you can’t make an excuse that you don’t pull of some sick tricks because you don’t have the proper board. Any skateboard works for doing tricks, even though it's not a skateboard, but a deck with motor like a remote control toy. But if you got one, we challenge you to be creative, film your trick attempts and send us a video!




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Patrick January 08, 2020

Not to mention transition skateboarding. Andy Macdonald is sponsored by boosted boards and frequently shares videos of himself doing backside airs in pools etc.

Depending on which elboard you get, you could also do multiple proper skateboard tricks, like kickflips, since some of them have an old-school shape with a kick tail.
Seeing as you can literally kickflip anything from a longboard to a piece of 2×4 then I don’t see a reason to why you couldn’t kickflip an electric board.


Hey Patrick,

Thank you for your comment! Awesome additional info!

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