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World Skate Games Postponed Until 2022

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


This event had its first appearance in Nanking in 2017, just one year after skateboarding was named as an Olympic modality. This big event organized by the then-named FIRS has the participation of disciplines such as Hockey, Speed ​​Skating (track and route), Figure Skating, Roller Freestyle, Skateboarding, etc. But until now, this contest didn’t include the Olympics categories, just a few skateboarding modalities as Downhill and Vertical. 


Refreshing Their Brand

It is worth mentioning that in the last competitions held, countries like Colombia, Italy, and Germany have positioned themselves as the best in Speed Skating, above more than 30 countries around the world, and to skateboarding modalities, the best countries until now are Brasil, USA, Japan, and France. The capacity of this contest has been for more than 4,000 athletes, including more than 1,000 among technicians, referees, managers, and complementary personnel.

In 2019 these games were held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Without a doubt, Skateboarding wasn't the only who got to change into an Olympic sport, the organization who is in charge has too, changing its name from FIRS to World Skate, likewise, the games would change their name to World Skate Games, to be more inclusive with their 12 modalities entrusted to this organization.





The Pandemic Has Changed All Sports' Plans

However, for 2021, the third edition of this valid one, which would take place in Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez, and San Juan, Argentina, was rescheduled because of COVID-19. All kinds of events worldwide had to be postponed to comply with biosafety protocols and while, providing a solution to the world's professional athletes. Sabatino Aracu, president of World Skate, and the entire management team announced the new date of this event, which will be happening in 2022.

It should be pointed out that not only big events are being postponed, but all the sporting events that were averaged for this year has too: “Since 1947 we started to hold world championships on a regular basis and for the first time, this year we cannot organize events of world-class for any of our disciplines. Our main objective is to preserve the health of our athletes and, due to the current situation, by now we cannot guarantee that they can compete under the right conditions” stated Aracu while announcing the news.

Meanwhile, all the national teams and athletes must continue their sports preparation at home and taking all the necessary preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus. Even so, skateboarding is one of the modalities with the greatest possibility of reintegrating into competitions or at least training centers such as skateparks, because their practice is individual. Therefore, everyone has to remains to wait for the new indications of World Skate Organization and sports institutes in each country.


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