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World Sk8 Cup: Music Summer and Skate!

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It’s done every year on Stvanice Island in Prague, Czech Republic and it has been so for the past 25 years! Being one of the longest and biggest standing events in skateboarding history AKA The Real Skate Contest, it’s an open-air festival focused on street and bowl skateboarding competitions for both dudes and dudettes from all over the world looking to show their skills to Prague’s crowd but most importantly, have fun!

On the 3 days in which the event takes place, it serves over 12.000 visitors every year that have the freedom to enjoy the open air and the hot summer weather of the island, having not only skateboarding events but also concerts and cultural experiences with food courts and bars with the flavors of world-famous restaurants such as TGI Friday’s, Burrito Loco, Epic Steaks and even a McCartney Vegan Foods for our animal-friendly dudes and dudettes!






If you are out in the grass field, you will not miss a thing since the entire space is equipped with giant screens that stream the event of the day which you can keep track of while getting a beer and eating a taco!

There is even a “Mystic Beach” that’s right my dudes! Just at walking distance from the “chill-out zone” open swimming on the shore while you listen to the musical guests of the day, talk about skateboarding vacations huh?

Mystic Sk8 Cup Prague
Photo: Unknown -


2019 Highlights

Competition results


1. Angelo Caro (Peru)

2. Matias Dell Olio (Argentina)

3. Richard Tury (Slovakia)


Street /ladies

1. Ksenia Maricheva (Russia)

2. Jéromine Louvet (France)

3. Keet Oldenbeuving (Netherlands)



1. Dannie Carlsen (Denmark)

2. Vincent Matheron (France)

3. Derek Scott (USA)


Bowl / ladies

1. Jéromine Louvet (France)

2. Louise Crespin (France)

3. Shani Paz (Israel)


Best trick: Angelo Caro (Peru) / Bigger flip lipslide

Alongside the amazing display of these dudes and dudettes attendants of the event were also able to listen to DJs, bands and acts like Lozt Mezcal from Mexico, local guests Burning Steps and even hip hop legends from the US Lords Of The Underground!


World Sk8 Cup 2020

The event is scheduled to happen again in June 2020, and organizers have tried to remain optimistic, although, for safety and health reasons due to recent Covid-19 world events, the organizers state that they hope to be able to have the event by then and they also mention in a recent post on their Facebook page from March 14th, 2020:

“If something major changes in the next few weeks/ months and we get to the point were real races will no longer be organized, we will assure you that we will announce it in time” And they close by mentioning that the first international Hip-Hop act will be announced soon!

Hopefully their optimistic approach to the situation will be paid by being able to have this amazing event this year and many years to come! All the love and support to the organizers from the SHIT family!



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