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Wheels Around the World: Skateboarding in Asia

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarding is something bigger than just a sport, for many, skateboarding is a huge part of their lives becoming a lifestyle. Fortunately for everyone skateboarding does not distinguish between religion, age, sex or nation.

That’s why we can find this amazing activity all around the world and here we review how skateboarding is in Asia. The orient can sometimes seem to be different, but skateboarding can show us how everyone can be connected and that differences are just a part of the incredible human diversity.


Skateboarding in China and Japan

Skateboarding in Asia japan and India

Despite some rigid policies for which the Asian economic giant is known, skateboarding is very strong in China and well accepted. There are many places in which you can skate because of suitable architecture, and at the same time the sport is not stigmatized, so it is not very common to get into legal problems for skating in public areas.

One of the biggest skate parks in the world is located in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. For instance, Jason Guadalajara, owner of a skate shop in China says for That’s magazine: “In LA if you wanted to skateboard in the street you’ve got like five or 10 minutes to land your trick or the cops are gonna come and move you along. Whereas in China, you have total freedom.”

Another city that is a paradise for skateboarding is Shenzhen, where the public architecture is full of benches, stairs, and railings perfect for grinding and sliding tricks.

On the other hand, years ago Japan used to be a country where skaters were easily bothered by the police for skating in public places, but now the situation has changed. Skating has won popularity between the Japanese and the perspective on the activity has changed. For example, in Tokyo, you can find many skate parks easy to reach by train like Tamachi Park, Komazawa park and Maihama Skate Park.






Skateboarding As Hope: India and Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka and Skating in Asian Countries
Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

Countries like India and Sri Lanka are some where skateboarding is not too popular, maybe because of the poverty and social inequality. In these countries, many people have never seen a skateboard or even heard about it. However, a project called SkateAid is trying to change these people’s lives through skateboarding, giving free skateboards to children on the street and kids without parents.

Skateboarding might look like a difficult activity. It requires a lot of practice and discipline, but definitely it's not just about that. Skateboarding is more about fun and enjoyment, it can join people around all over the world because in the end, all you need is a deck and some wheels, and of course the creativity to give you the best advantage possible from the skateboard.

At SHITⓇ we believe in passion for skateboarding and how it can change people’s life.


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Jørn Vesthaug December 18, 2019

In India you can find skateparks in Bangalore, Goa. Mumbai, Delhi, Rajastan, Panna, Gwalior. (all international standard). And more are coming. Some of them are built by Makelifeskatelife, and others are the work of the indian company 100Ramps. The country has an amazing number of skaters änd India has had skaters in SEA (south East Asia) Championship for years. Both boys and girls.
Its a perfect country for a skateboard vacation so for any additional info please contact me:

SHIT December 19, 2019

Jørn, thank you for your valuable information :)
We will definitely get in touch if we need to hear more, very interesting. Thanks!
– Nicole

anubhav November 08, 2020

Indian Skate Culture is an Indian skateboarding startup, providing goods and services in the realm of skateboarding.

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