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What Makes a Good Skatepark?

By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


A skatepark is never going to be good enough for everyone, especially to those who think that skateparks are too easy and that the streets are better. But skateboarding is about having fun anywhere, you can do it in front of your home, on flat ground, parking spots, public parks and so on. All of these may have at least a flat rail, a ledge, a gap, or any other obstacle that will be a challenge for us to conquer.

If we look at a skatepark you can find all the things that you can imagine in just one place, you can learn progressively thanks to the obstacles of different sizes and choose what kind of tricks you want to learn and how.






Likewise, if you are a park lover the bowls can be amazing, the designer or architect will have to use their creativity to get those amazing results. Skaters who enjoy skating curves will adapt themselves with more precision to the skatepark, but what is happening with the street skatepark?

The street parks are a mix of everything and depending on the talent and discipline, any skateboarder can get good at it. However, it’s still harder for some street skaters to feel comfortable with them. Here are three things to consider when we look at what makes a good skatepark.


The Design According To The Community Needs

why skatepark1
Photo: Ines Álvaro (Unplash)

A skatepark can never be without curbs, ledges, some gaps, flat rails, halfpipes, kickers or jump ramps as well as handrails and at least a place to make manuals, funboxes for different trick combinations and never forget those who love the curves, they will need a pool and a bowl as well.

According to the first architects point of view, the community should give feedback to make it better and reflect on the future because once it is built, there's no going back. That's the reason why the community needs to be united and make decisions that will benefit the new generations and those who will be skating there for many years.


How the Obstacles Are Connected To Skate

why skatepark2
Photo: Andrew Pons (Unsplash)

When all the obstacles are connected under an ideal to help skaters make lines and combine tricks as well as good enough space to return with good speed and be prepared for tricks, that's when you have a good setup in a skatepark.

Everything matters in a spot, creativity is important and a good skater will adapt themselves to any space, but when those places are made with the right design the advantages will be even bigger. So a good racetrack will captivate skateboarders and make them feel comfortable with the place where they are.






Depending on the space it could become a national or international reference. Big companies and competitions put their eyes on parks if they are good enough, something that brings positive developments to everyone including the city it is in.

When you review these ideas, you will understand how important it is to have a good skatepark for skateboarders. But also it is important to consider how you will make it grow, and that the skatepark needs to be good and have great management too.


It Has To Be Safe and Well Cared For

Photo: Mikael Kistenson (Unsplash)

To preserve a nice community, one thing that is pretty important for a skateboarder, especially if the skatepark is home to a contest or project is that these places need to be intact and provide the skateboarder with enough tools to help them improve their skills.

There are so many abandoned and forgotten skateparks with a lost purpose because no one could take care of them or the community did not agree to take care of the sporting scene. This is a huge mistake because that's when a place like this eventually turns into a building project not made for riders, and great spots are lost.

Some solutions could be to make a closed skatepark and add markets and stores to it as well as keeping it maintained. Authorities should look for community participation and let them be a part of it to do collective work that will benefit kids, teens, youth and adults as well.

Photo: Joakim Hokasalo (Unsplash)

A safe place is where you can skate without fears, where you can be preparing yourself for a future competition, where you see parents with their kids running and learning how to skate. That's what a good skatepark is, a space where you can be quiet but also experience great moments that you will never forget.

Skateboarding is for everyone, but sometimes other modalities think that skateparks are just for skateboarders, but the truth is that thanks to those spaces that probably started with skateboarding you now see BMX, roller freestyle, roller skate, scootering and longboarding taking part on the same premises.


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