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Welcome To New SHIT® Magazine

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


We have been working for a while now to provide you with the best skateboarding related content on the web and we have built up an archive of information and fun SHIT® to read about and learn about skateboarding, from covering all the legends of skateboarding to giving you a sneak peek on the skateboarding movement worldwide! Because that is our main goal, to break all borders and boundaries because skateboarding has none!

We are continuously innovating and finding new entertainment methods to keep you glued to your computer screen and mobile device, here is some of the SHIT® you should be looking out for!



We are using new technologies to our advantage to be able to bring you the best one-on-one talks with your favorite skateboarders, we also want to know what YOU have to say and we want to invite you to take part in our family, no matter where you are located, we will reach you and have a great talk about our favorite topic, anything skateboarding related! Come along on this ride and have the time of your life!







Skateboarding News

We see it as our responsibility to ensure that you have the most up to date news of what is moving around in the soup that is the skateboarding world. That's why we are finding new ways to bring you the latest stories and important pieces so that you will know that you always will be the most informed dude or dudette on the skatepark!


New and Updated Content

We are doing daily research to provide you with the best skateboarding related content right now! Everything from music to fashion to the latest skateboarding news, contest results, spots, photos and videos and much much more SHIT®!
It doesn't matter if you are brand new in skateboarding or have already been part of our family for a while, we will assure you that the content you will find will satisfy your skateboarding needs no matter your age, experience or location!


SHIT® Guides

Dropping this week, the content you will find in these guides will SAVE your skateboarding life! Have you ever wondered if it's possible to build your own skatepark at home? DIY my dude or dudette! You can DO IT YOURSELF and we will show you how, step-by-step with the most complete guides out there!
First time getting a skateboard? Awesome!

We want to be there every step of the way, beginning with letting you know and guiding you on how to buy your first skateboard! From the deck to the wheels and all in between, Buyers guides will have you being an expert in this field in NO TIME, you will be hitting your local skate shop or our online store knowing exactly what you will want and need like a PRO!


SHIT® Newsletter

Subscribe to our updated newsletter if you haven't already, and keep a heads up for all of the exclusive content you will be receiving, anything from recommendations specially tailored for you to premium discounts on all of our products!

We don't want to give it all away, but believe when we say that we are starting a skateboarding revolution, your mind will be blown once you see all of the good SHIT® we have in store for you!



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