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Wave Break: The “Skate-Boating” Videogame Dropping This Year

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


What a year for skateboarding related video games! Many releases coming up this year, from the reboot of Skate 3 for mobile devices, the fuelled Skater XL  franchises! This time we will be checking out something completely out of the ordinary, guns, action, funny looking characters and boats that you can kickflip and go down rails with?! Yeah, we had to look into it.


Minimum System Requirements

● OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10

● Processor: Intel i5 or better

● Memory: 8 GB RAM

● Graphics: GTX 950 or equivalent

● DirectX: Version 11

● Storage: 1 GB available space

If you are not only a skater but also an avid gamer we have the thing just for you, based on an imaginary 80’s themed world, this game could be something like if GTA VICE CITY and a goofy skateboarding video game could have sprown a funny-looking child that is filled with guns and mob-crime related story that is aiming to get you hooked right from the start!

With a campaign and many other game modes to choose from to enjoy either online or offline with friends and strangers from all over the world. From TRICK ATTACK mode where you can gather points and increase your rank to a classic DEATHMATCH where you will be able to destroy your friends boats with all kinds of guns and explosives!

The customization options for your boat and character can also make this a really fun way to create an out of this world dude with an awesome 80’s outfit and an even more awesome skate-boat!


Classic Arcade Mode

If you enjoy classic skating games, you can freely choose between the available worlds and skate-boat crazy dream-like scenarios, from an amazing looking beach to a frozen stage filled with crazy rails to slide on and a futuristic stage filled with neons to provide you with an amazing visual experience which is one of the main goals of this studio, amazing graphics and full-on engaging gaming experience!






Story mode

Experience the rivalry firsthand between Mafia’s Big Pin and Detective McHutchenson in an episodic storyline involving guns, kickflips, and blood money, follow the storyline and solve the crimes committed by the “SKATE-BOATING Mafia!”



Classic “every man for himself” gameplay, if you have played GTA’s online deathmatch it is pretty similar, you can even get more of HALO vibe from all the crazy stunts and guns you will be able to pull on your enemies, build up your ranking and become the most feared SKATE-BOATER (HAHA! we can't get enough of that) in the entire Wave Break universe.

The game is scheduled to be released this summer first in STADIA (Google’s cloud gaming platform) and is also scheduled to be released on STEAM.

Wave breakers is an overall mix of all of the most preferred genres in the video game industry and it sounds very promising, but is the studio biting more than they can chew? We just have to wait and see! There is not an official release date yet, but we are for sure waiting to see how this incredible mix of video game styles merge all up together to create Wave Break and we will be there to let you know how we feel this SHIT® once we get a chance to give it a test ride!




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