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Tyshawn Jones: NYC’s Skateboarding Superstar

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


  • Stance: Regular
  • Age: 21
  • Country: United States
  • Instagram: @enwhytj
  • Sponsors: Adidas, Fucking Awesome, Supreme, Thunder, Hardies, New Era

Born in December 1998, he is one of the new millennium skateboarders that entered the world of skateboarding in the craze of the digital era, by the time he was 10 years old, he purchased his first skateboard at a local wholesaler all of this influenced to be a game of skate he played with relatives, not an actual game of SKATE but the SKATE videogame, how about that huh?

Jones was amazed by the possibilities and the SHIT® he was able to do virtually! He decided to take it to the next level as many of the kids from the early millennium did, little knowing it was on his blood! Skateboarding was to take him high places in life.


Early influence

Jones has been greatly influenced by skaters like Andrew Reynolds and various skateboarding videos, that at the time, were still the way you found out of the best dudes and tricks in the streets.

He started to practice after getting pretty good at it, started sending his demo tapes of himself skating, his main focus at the time was to get a sponsor to carry the cost of his skateboarding habit and reduce the impact on his pocket on actual gear and shoes, he was not very concerned about making a name for himself and becoming a worldwide star, but funny enough, that’s how a lot of pro skaters begging, they just get noticed by their skills and go with the rhythm that comes with it.

He got his first break from a flow sponsorship with Toy Machine who provided him with the essential needs to be able to continue with his development, but it wasn’t until he met Jason Dill that he was able to reach pro status and started to get noticed among NYC’s local skateboarding scene.






Fucking Awesome Start

The streetwear and skateboarding brand founded by Dill took Jones under its wing after Dill noticed in him the abilities necessary to put FA in the spotlight and this was the first time that the dude was able to get a glimpse at the glory that was coming his way.

He eventually caught the eye of NYs signature skateboarding brand, Supreme who sponsored him and got him a part of one of their skateboarding videos in 2014, one of the best years on the dudes’ career since following the success of the video, he co-founded Hardees, a company focused in producing hardware and skateboarding apparel, but probably one of his biggest achievements of the year was being able to sign a sponsorship with Adidas, in addition with the signing he got his first solo part their first full-length skateboarding video Away Days!


NYC’s Influence on Jones

The city can either make or break a skateboarder, back in the late ’90s and early 2000’s the city was not very skateboarding friendly and there were not many good skateparks either. Skateboarders got used to handling the police and scouting for spots to skate! one of Tyshawn’s favorite spots to skate on is called by locals T.F. West shot for “training facility” reason why? There is virtually nothing to skate on in this spot! Not even the ground makes it a good spot for flat-ground tricks and just cruising around.

This is exactly why NY skaters visit the spot. It WILL make you an all-terrain skateboarder and after you figure out its perks, skating on a regular street spot could become a walk in the park.

This is one of the reasons why NY skateboarders are known for being some of the best street skaters, they started in the streets and developed their skills on them, parks are far from being the choice of locals and over the years, the city has become a skateboarding mecca, were modern architecture make the city ideal for the practice of the discipline on the streets, Jones one of those dudes benefitted by the rise of the local scene worldwide.





Skater Of The Year

His achievements and overall performance with sponsors, especially Supreme who featured him in the 2018 BLESSED video, got him to become the skater of the year at age 19! The part was one of the most talked-about parts among the skateboarding community and the magazine editor-in-chief at the time, Jake Phelps, decided that Jones truly embodied what skateboarding was becoming and represented a whole new generation of skaters who were aiming for the stars.

He had been featured in the magazine before he was named skater of the year with one of the most iconic shots ever put in the cover, Jones was shot while jumping over a subway entrance in Midtown, which somehow captures the essence of NYC’s street skateboarding spirit and the lack of boundaries in the eyes of the street skater.

At age 21, Jones has achieved what many skateboarders could only dream of, he is currently sponsored by some of the most important brands out there and living the dream! but he does not want to stop there, as if having a couple of signature Adidas skateboarding kicks, some of the most prominent parts in Supreme’s skateboarding videos and being one of the youngest skateboarders of the year, he said in an interview that he was looking to get in the cover of VOGUE, for those who are not aware, this is one of the most important fashion and culture magazines worldwide. We are not sure if the dude was joking or not but he is definitely looking to get to higher places than Thrasher.

We are pretty sure we will be seeing more of this dude in the future, for now, we invite you to see his parts in BLESSED and CHERRY, but especially his debut on Away Days.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, a clear example of how the environment makes the skater! the hardcore NY streets have definitely spawn some of the best street skaters out there and Tyshawn Jones is living proof of it.

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