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Twelve Modalities That Come From Skateboarding

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


In the 1960s to the present day, skateboarding has gone through experimental moments of total creativity when it comes to riding a skateboard, and it was just at this time when skaters stood on the skateboard and got off slopes at high speeds that they had the most fun they possibly could have. In it's beginnings skateboarding had only 3 modalities that characterized it and today there are more than 12 well-known alternatives that you can try if you are a skateboarder.


Freestyle, Hippie Jump and Slalom

These disciplines have characterized skateboarding over the years because of its creativity and difficulty that it takes precedence when it comes to skateboarding. Freestyle highlighted great skaters such as Rodney Mullen or Patti Mcgee, that their main objective was to use the skateboard on a flat surface or descent so that in a given time they managed to do the most creative tricks on their skateboards, whether it was to stand hands-on and descend, control it on two wheels, make manuals with two skateboards at the same time, move with great agility and endless tricks that today we consider Old School.

Slalom has been a very competitive modality with extensive control over the skateboard, it consists of descending at high speeds and passing through a circuit of cones where the skater and/or his opponent must have the ability to move their ankles to maneuver the skateboard to the left and right, dodge them in zic-zac mode and without knocking down any. The rider who reaches the finish line first will be declared the winner of that round.

Hippie Jump has been an iconic modality and to carry it out a skateboard is essential. It consists of taking a high speed, positioning the feet on the shorts and jumping without the skateboard lifting off the ground, and overcoming an object made of two bases and a higher obstacle that demarcates the height. The higher the chances of winning increase. There are skaters who have managed to jump and break great records that exceed 1.50 meters in height.


Vertical, Mega ramp and Miniramp

Vertical or Half-Pipe is a "U" shaped track. This discipline consists of performing as many tricks one after another as possible at high speed and height. Among its main exponents is the skateboarding icon Tony Hawk, who with his skills took this modality to the top, nowadays great skaters like Lizzie Armanto, Mimi Knoop, Jimmy Wilkins, Gui Khury and many more stand out for their skills in it. This discipline and events like the X Games have been in charge of giving prestige to this practice.

Mega Ramp is an extreme modality, it consists of a large-format ramp, this modality became very popular in the late nineties and early twenty-first century. In order for the mega ramp track to reach its highest point, it is raised with metal scaffolding and has a wooden surface. The skateboarder descends from the highest to rise and perform maneuvers in a horizontal distance and then enter the Quarter-Pipe and close with his presentation if he wishes, an exponent of this modality is Elliot Sloan.

Miniramp, is on a small scale what we know as half-pipe, this modality is identified for being easily accessible for the entire skateboarder community, including its construction in a small space, but allowing an optimal height to perform its maneuvers, the ramp can be built in concrete or wood. And it is very common to see them in establishments, public parks or in private spaces.






Downhill, Dancing Longboarding, Mountainboard

Downhill is a very recognized modality around the world. Those who practice it risk their lives daily descending on unknown roads that have steep slopes and curves, the dimensions of the skateboard to practice this discipline differs from the traditional one, its wood, trucks and tires are larger and it is called Longboard. An indispensable element for this practice are the tires that become softer with a diameter that can exceed 58 mm and thus be able to adapt to the concrete surfaces that the streets offer. The athlete must apply the technique to the maximum, use protection and appropriate clothing to meet their goals and speeds that can exceed 100 km/h, it all depends on the characteristics of the athlete.

While it is true that skateboards evolved to be more resistant and comfortable at speed, longboarding also obtained new disciplines such as Dancing Longboarding, which consists of enjoying music and moving to the beat on the skateboard, in this way adhering all the freestyle that we mentioned previously and generate world competitions that connect all the practitioners of this modality who enjoy going out to roll, sunbathe, share with friends and their favorite musical genres. Among the outstanding athletes are Brandon DesJarlais, Lotfi Lamaali, Kate Voynova.

Mountainboarding is a very recent modality, although it is inspired by skateboarding skills, the implement to practice it is completely different, from the tires, axles, wood and the track where it is practiced. It goes back to mountainous surfaces, which allow the mountainboarder to descend by dodging trees or implementing ramps in uncovered terrain. Likewise, there are athletes who descend in the mega ramps and perform their best flying tricks. It should be noted that those who practice this modality also have skills in snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and longboarding, among the exponents of this discipline are Dawid Rzaca, Dylan Warren and many more.


Street, Park, Flat Ground

As the last three modalities but not less important are Street, Park, and Flat Ground, these being the most popular within skateboarding in the world. Street went from practicing in the city to recreation in a special park for practice, with the street skateboarding marked its culture and differentiated itself from all the traditional sports that exist. The street consists of skating on a rink that contains railings, drawers, stairs, transfers, flowerpots, china banks, and all the creativity that an architect wants to implement on the rink. In this way, the skateboarder will be able to execute all his best tricks of glides, wallrides, combinations, flights, and more. Among the most outstanding athletes, we can find Jagger Eaton, Nyjah Houston, Gustavo Ribeiro, Rayssa Leal, Pamela Rosa, Leticia Bufoni, Aori Nishimura.

Park is the evolution of what became known as Bowl, this modality is one of the oldest of skateboarding because the skaters at the time used pools with rounded bottoms or corners to learn; However, the special parks for skateboarding around the world also implemented this trend and evolved the way of seeing a skateboarding pool, with better curves, pool coping, obstacles, sizes and depths. The competitions of this modality consist of making the best presentation in a certain time, determining by connecting the most tricks at high speeds, which allows skaters to fly, re-enter, do combination tricks, drifts, and fits. high-risk. Among the greatest exponents of this modality.

For the last discipline, you only need a flat surface and the skills to execute traditional skateboarding tricks, roll fakie, natural, switch or nollie and combine tricks such as flip, heelflip, bigspin, 360, 180, 540 ollie and all you can imagine. For this modality, Berrics, has been in charge of giving prestige to this practice, in 2020 the feminine category was opened for the first time in which Monica Torres was crowned as the Champion of the battle of the floor skate game. We can find great exponents of this modality such as Alexis Sablone, Samarria Brevard, Alex Midler, Kevin White, Chris Cole and many more.

Skateboarding is writing its history and what we can see is that it is loaded with alternatives so that any skater can find his best style, develop skills in other modalities having the same bases as controlling skateboarding and going out to execute his best tricks in different spots, parks, modalities and even skateboards, do not stay with the desire to try any of these sports practices. Let us know, what do you know about skateboarding world.

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