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Top 6 Greatest Female Pro Skaters


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Here is the ranking of the female top skaters that have been very important in the skateboarding world. Maybe we don’t have all of them, but here you'll find those girls no one could left out. If you think differently, well we may just give a fuck.

Leticia Bufoni
Female Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni

She is a Pro Skater from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She started to skate at 9 years old and at 14's she went to South California to participate in the X Games. Since then, she lives in L.A. and has been clasified first in the street skateboarding ranking by the World Cup Skate for four consecutive years (2010-2013). In 2013 she became the only female skater who had won 3 gold medals at the X Games the same year, and as if that were not enough, she was nominated in the ESPY awards.

Amy Caron

Female Skater Amy Caron

This professional skater was born in 1984 in the town of Castro Valley, California. She began skating at 12 years old and is the leader of a small group of female pro skaters. She is featured a lot on the ‘AKA: Girl skater’ video, which it has footage of her 1st place at the Gallaz Skate Jam in Australia. If you don't know her, it might be because she is not from the new generation, but believe us when we say this girl really rocks in skate.






Elissa Steamer

Female Skater Eliss Steamer

She skates since she was 12 years old and became a pro skater in 1998. Her first sponsor was Toy Machine. Nowdays she has more sponsors as Zero, Nike, Thunder, TSA clothing, Etnies and Landspeed Wheels. Elissa also had appeared in all Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater Games and Tony Hawk Underground. She is a true Pioneer of female skateboarding and showed to many girls that skate is a possible lifestyle.


Patti McGee

Female Skater Patti McGee

We already made a whole article about her just because of her real talent. She became the first female pro skater in the world when she was just 19 years old. She just made the path for a new generation of skaters and showed everyone that girls had something to say. Her influence in culture gained an important spot in our ranking.


Cara-Beth Burnside

Female Skater Cara-Beth Burnside

‘CB’ as a skater has more than 16 titles in competitions like the All Girl Skate Jam, Slam City Jam, Vans Triple Crown, X Games and Soul Bowl. World Cup Skating named her the Female Vert Skater of The Year back in 2004. She also is the first girl to have a signature show. We may haven't write so much about her but really, check that sick Bio, what else is there to say.


Lizzie Armanto

Female Skater Lizzie Armanto

Elizabeth Marika Armanto is her whole name. She was born in Ventura County, California. With a full passion of vert, Lizzie has more than 30 skateboarding awards in her career. She won the gold medal in 2013, when the first ever Women’s Skateboard Park event at Barcelona X Games was held. Then, the following year she won the 2014 Van Doren Invitational in Hungtinton Beach, California. In 2018 she made what no other female skater ever could, by completing The Loop.



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