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Top 6 Best Skateboarding Websites

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


There are many skateboarding websites from all over the world, but most of them focus on their local activity and some of them also have been inactive from many years now so there is not really a point in checking them out, we will let you know what's up right now for you to be up to date on everything skateboarding related!


6. Skatedeluxe

Since 2004 European Skateshop Skatedeluxe has been on the market making your world easy when it comes to getting the best products in europe and the world! The German based company has some of the best premium products money can buy, from shaped decks, cruiser wheels, slip-ons, cargo pants to tracksuits! They have it all.

In the website you can also find the “SKATE WIKI” with videos of different types from trick tips to assembly instructions and product tests! And if you are located in Europe they assure fast delivery and you could even get your product the next day of your order!


5. Zumiez

Fun fact, some people are just learning Zumiez exist, however, this thing was founded by Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson in 1978 but did not go public before 2005, likemost other current websites they are not only focused on skateboarding parts but also all kinds of apparel for kids to dudes and dudettes of all sizes and ages!

It is currently the brand that gets the first peak at some of the lates collabs among brands and has the trendiest setups and accessories. They tend to feature exclusiveness and they have a very on demand section of limited edition products that could be on the website just for a few days or even hours depending on how rare they are.


4. Braille Skateboarding

This one is very important in our book, mostly because of the approach they have for skateboarding apart from selling very good quality products from their own brand, their main goal is to teach people how to skate and create a whole new generation of skateboarders to keep the culture alive!

They even have a DVD and online guide called “Skateboarding Made Simple” which focuses on teaching skateboarding basics and even advanced lessons online!

Their YouTube channel is also really enjoyable with the “we skate anything” videos in which they try any crazy board sent from their followers and SHIT® gets really crazy! Make sure to check them out!





3. Transworld Skateboarding

Transworld is one of the go-to sites for any skateboarding news you are looking to find, Founded in 1983 it became the direct rival for Thrasher even with their slogan which is Skate and Create, complete opposite to Thrasher’s “Skate and Destroy”.

The website focuses on video footage since Transworld also was one of the first skateboarding video producers in the industry, so you might imagine the kind of footage these guys have in their archive!

They stopped printing their paper issues in march 2019 but you can still find most of their articles as a digital version on the website! They also have a how-to guide on basic tricks which will be of great help if you are just starting out!


2. Thrasher Magazine

This is one of the most renowned skateboarding magazines maybe ever! It gained its popularity from its foundation in 1981 and it has also been one of the main companies in the skateboarding video industry to this date, any skateboarder would die to be able to be on the cover of the magazine because if you do, you have accomplished some big SHIT®!

Their website has everything from articles to videos, products and recent skateboarding news, one of the coolest things is the “covers archive” where you can find the iconic covers from ALL of their paper issues starting in January of 1981 all the way to this date!

One of the main trademarks we can think of from Thrasher is none other than “The Hall of Meat” where you will be able to see the nastiest falls and bone breaks of your favorite skateboarding stars!


Of course my dude, you wouldn't think we would exclude ourselves from this awesome list, did you? From amazing quality products, articles, interviews, skate movie reviews, Do-It-Yourself guides and much much more! Here at SHIT®, we got you covered in every way! Stay tuned because our 20th anniversary is this year and we just began with our big global take over! Much more awesome SHIT® coming your way my dude!


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