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Top 5 Worst Skateboard Falls
By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Skateboarding is not always as fun as it seems, skateboarding is also frustration, tears of pain, blood and broken bones. And if we talk about professional skaters, they will often have falls even harder and that’s a part of what makes a rider incredible, because of their abilities to confront any situation and take the pain.

We know how difficult it is to do a trick and how many falls you have to go through to get it, we appreciate the effort it takes to get over it and the risks posed by being a skateboarder. Here's the top 5 hardest skate falls in history, according to us.


Jamie Foy 2018 Fall


At the beginning of the list, we’re going to remember this flight of Jamie Foy in 2018, he was recording with Thrasher and one of his big tricks was jump the rail with stairs of more than 20 steps.

He was doing a 50-50 grind but unfortunately he couldn't continue the grind and at the middle of the rail he fell down into the corner of it, his head and shoulder hit the floor. It was a really hard fall, but he did his best to show himself what he was made of.

Jamie Foy is a known street skater from Florida, he is characterized for his videos in Thrashe and is supported by brands like Deathwish, Redbull, Spitfire and more, he has a community of more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram and he loves the rails.


Leticia Bufoni 2016 Fall


Do you remember Leticia Bufoni's fall in 2016 SLS? She was competing for the first place against Leo Baker at the finals, to win, she decides to try a Lipslide as her best trick, she took a high speed to do it but when she started to execute the trick everything went wrong. When she flew, she couldn’t control it so she fells in the corner of the rail, after that the first impact was with her chest and then her entire body.

Bufoni was really hurt, and she lost her consciousness at that moment, after that she couldn't skate again and had to work hard on her recovery, but she made it and now as always she is a stronger woman.

Leticia is characterized by occupying the first places on every important podium. She has been on the top of the best skater girls in the world, at least for this last decade and she is now one of the most influential street skater girls, so we should remember how hard she works to do what she loves.






Nyjah Houston 2015 Fall


Nyjah Houston is very consistent and is an extraordinary skater, she always show his talent in competitions like SLS, so we shouldn't forget this fall of Nyjah during this contest.

We are talking about 2015 when Nyjah was competing for first place with Luan Oliveira so he needed to give everything he had. He decides to do a Flip Front Crooked on the box to exceed his friend, but sadly for him, he couldnt complete it and had to end its execution right in the middle of it.

The video got viral around the world as a joke, however, we could say that it was a good competition between each rider and that you can't always win, but you'll always learn how to be better for the next time.

Nyjah is known for his presentations in competitions like the X Games and SLS ever since he was very young, and he always seem to on the podium taking the first places over and over again. He is a street skater so his video-parts are always in the view of everyone, he has a huge following on Instagram that exceeds 4 million followers.


Sky Brown 2020 Fall


Sky Brown might be just a kid, but as a kid she has completely changed the view of skater girls in this world. In her case, we’re going to remember her recent fall in June of this year.

She was skating vert and wanted to do a transfer between ramps. Unfortunately, when she flew, she deserted the trick but it was too late and from the top of the vert she dropped off to the floor. It was a huge decline for her and her family. She had to go to the hospital immediately, after this she made an announcement that she would be ok, but she would need to keep an eye on her left arm.

Brown is characterized by her talent and she really enjoys flying. She also won a contest on TV as a dancer. She's traveled around the world doing what she loves and skating with the big ones, she competes in world championships and has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram.

She showed us that everything is possible with a good attitude and family support.

Sky is really good on the vert and park and that’s where she’s passionate.


Aaron Jaws Homoki's Fall in 2015


Aaron is a great skater, that’s why we’re going to remember a trick from him in 2015. He was recording under the lens of Thrasher in a famous place called Lyon 25 when Jaw wanted to do a big ollie over the stairs.

He made his first try, but when he landed the trick the skateboard split in two and so did his legs; he decides to take a rest and come back the next day, so he did and that day with the good vibes of his friends, he started his big challenge, and as you can see in the video Aaron had to try a lot, until he finally got it and became historic.

Jaws is a professional skateboarder characterized by his skills to do great ollies everywhere. You can see his talent with his viral videos on the internet jumping from the top of houses with his skateboard to the floor. He always does his best to exceed himself while skating, his community increases every day and he has over the 800 thousand followers on Instagram and the support of big brands to continue doing what he's passionate about.

The world is full of skateboarding talent and we would like to know which fall you have seen that you mean is the greatest. Leave us a comment below to let us know!As skaters, we have to confront the pain in many situations but that's what makes us stronger and more able to continue doing what we love, which is skateboarding. 

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