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Top 5 Travel Destinations For Skateboarders


By Valentina Diaz
V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


You can find perfect skate spots everywhere. The world is full of amazing skate parks that we should visit someday we are close to them, so we better find out where they are. Let's talk about a select few skateparks you definitely should visit! 


Brazil, Curitiba

If you love Brazil and are close to Sao Paulo, you should for sure go to Curitiba and skate the Green Box Sk8, a mega center to promote extreme sports like skateboarding. If you have seen Gui Khury skate, he has an Instagram account full of videos of skating there. It looks amazing!

This place is huge, if you want to grow your skills in vertical, pool, bowl, or mega ramp you need to be there. You can find all kinds of spots to dedicate yourself during a complete session. Do not forget to use protection due to the hard obstacles.






To get there, follow the official page of the skatepark and ask for everything you want to know, but definitely, if you are preparing to compete at the Olympics or just love to skate, this place will be perfect for you.

Curitiba is located in Parana State, a city that is known for being a cultural place, its infrastructure is amazing to skate in the street but you can also find skateparks like Drop Dead, and if you get close to Campo Largo, you will find this amazing sports center.



Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is full of skateboarding, and if you will be in Europe and want to make a stop in Lithuania, we suggest you go to The White Bridge skatepark, located in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital. Once you are there you will enjoy skateboarding, meet people and skate around the city.

This spot is amazing at night, it's full of lights and is enormous, it has a bowl, street, and a mini ramp. You can see a lot of buildings and recreational spaces for all kinds of people who like to do sport or support their kids to skate or play soccer.

Lithuania is a country in Europe that is known for its flatland and lakes, and it is a part of the baltics and features a skateboarding scene that is developing in skateparks like Pilaite, Core Indoor, Kablys, Secret, Saules Jegaine and the incredible White Bridge. 


Luxembourg City

This country and city is pretty amazing! You will find skateparks like Hollerich, Gasperich, Dommeldange, Belval, Red Rock and the biggest and stylish one, the "Péitruss." Luxembourg is a European country located between France and Germany, this place is known for it's cultural places and medieval-style.

This skatepark will surprise you with its aesthetics, the location comes with an added bonus that your videos shot here will look incredible. It’s open all day so don't miss this place if you are close. It has everything to help you learn progressively, the aerial look is unbelievable and you can even play this skatepark in Skater XL.

The park features great bowl, pools, street zones and is very creative. It has ledges, stairs of different sizes, it also has slopes, incline ramps, and looks very original. So enjoy and remember that these places were created for us to enjoy, to be better on our skateboards and meet people with the same passion.



Marignane, France

France is beautiful in every way you see it. But if we think about the skateboarding scene it is definitely a place to fall in love with. Marignane is a small commune, but it has a huge skatepark, curves are the best part of this skate spot.

Likewise, it is like a skate plaza and it's open all day, it's rounded by the Canal de Marseille, has green zones and a lot of space to do whatever you want to skate, the floor is great. You will see amazing landscapes, nature and animals.


Skatepark de Marignane

  • Chemin des Macreuses, chemin de l'Estéou, 13700 Marignane, France +33 4 42 31 11 11



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