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Top 5 Skateboarding YouTube Channels


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


We know you like to find awesome skate videos, and maybe you prefer to watch the best YouTube channels the internet has to offer. Relax, because we just made you a list of the greatest skateboarding channels to visit in youtube.


1. Braille Skateboarding/Learn to Skateboard


On this channel you can learn a thing or two about skateboarding. You can't know it all so this is a channel that can help you improve every skate skill you have. This is a huge channel of more than 4 million followers.


2. Ride Channel


You may not find a channel as authentic as Ride Channel. They have an authentic voice in the worldwide community. You can find new videos daily, with lots of original stuff like shows, tours, events and more.


3. Trasher Magazine


This channel might not need any presentation. Here you will find skateboarding news, videos, photos, events, and a lot more stuff. This project that started in 2006 has approximately 2,200,000 followers. You will like it and find some cool stuff there, it’s a certain thing.






4. AndrewShrock / YouTuber

Andy Shrock is a guy that likes skateboarding a lot. Maybe he is not the best skater, but he is pretty good, and also has pretty good entertaining videos. His channel has more or less 3 million subscribers.


5. Majer Crew


These skateboarders from Edinburg, Texas are the shit. They are uploading all kinds of tricks of awesome skaters from their area. They might be strangers to you but believe me, they have a cool skateboarding style.

So there you have them, the best YouTube channels for skateboarding according to us. Enjoy!


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