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 Top 5 Skateboarding Shoes

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Not all shoes are suitable for skateboarding, in fact, you could really get hurt if you choose to wear a pair that is not designed for skate, or you would simply not be able to get any tricks done and develop your skateboarding skills.

Companies have been working for decades to develop the best skateboarding shoes money can buy, some people claim that these features are just a sale point, but once you try them, you can really see the difference in comfort and overall performance with all of the science they put into it!

Anyone that skates or have been for a while will tell you that one of the biggest expenses skateboarding carries is the shoes, giving the fact that your feet are the ones doing most of the motion and basically caring all the friction and impact while performing tricks, so always be prepared to spend some bucks and check out the top 5 skateboarding shoes in the market!


5. VANS Classic Slip-Ons

An all-time classic, the Slip-Ons focuses on comfort and easy-wear lightweight, flexibility, and grip.

Its sole comprises of multiple layers of rubber which are glued firmly together and attached to the upper using rubber foxing tape. The outsole features the original “Waffle”, trademark that Vans imposed upon the entire industry, as all other brands have developed their own “unique style sole” that looks to achieve the same as the Waffle: to give you more grip to your board.





4. Adidas Originals Busenitz Vulc

Arguably one of the best pairs of kicks you will find out there available today, Adidas is known for providing the best quality products for all athletes, and skateboarding has not been excluded from their genius. This is something used by the most dedicated pros in the industry since it not only minimizes the risk of injury but they are also very fashionable classic looking kicks. Its rubber sole provides the ultimate comfort and maximum protection you need while skateboarding. The full-grain leather upper makes this kick capable of enduring heavy wear and tear, so this is perfect if you are an everyday heavy-duty skater.


3. VansXindependent TNT Advanced Prototype

Two of the most iconic brands in the industry teamed up to create one of the best skateboarding shoes out there, VANS has been known for developing endless technologies for skateboarding shoes, and their PRO line is definitely something these guys should be proud of! equipped with DURACAP upper reinforcement in high wear areas for unrivaled durability, supported by an UltraCush Lite 3D that makes this one of the lightest yet durable shoes that provides the best combination of comfort, grip, impact absorb and all of that good SHIT® you are looking for in a skateboard kick!


2. Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM

Nike is also one of the companies long standing as one of the best sportswear companies, along with VANS is one of the companies that has put a great amount of effort to develop new technologies for both pros and AM’s to be able to practice skateboarding in the most comfortable, yet durable way.

This particular delivery is a RE-master of the original Janoski with a thicker Zoom Air unit and an auxetic pattern midsole that flexes in all directions, it guarantees a better flick of the board and overall impact control for high drops, a reinforced heel area, and a very stylish low-cut silhouette.


1. Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV:

Another feature from Adidas, these shoes prioritize control and precision. A low profile construction with a built-in sockliner that helps to get the board closer to your feet, the shoe has been voted by many as being one that provides the greatest board feel and safety and the ADITUFF™ features reinforces the toe portion for an added durability and abrasion resistance for better flicks.

There are very few shoes that are able to provide you with all of the features you need that would make a great skateboarding shoe, and this is one of them, these guys tough of everything, the shoe even features metal eyelets to reinforce their durability, extra cladding on the heel for the best heel flips while the middle is lightweight and super breathable, shock-absorbing to provide the best impact protection against hard landings, you name it, these bad boys have it.

Adidas is truly proven that when it comes to the best performance on any kind of sports-related goods, they are willing to bring their A-game to the table.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, we are pretty sure that there are iconic shoes, collabs, and brands that did not make the list, but keep in mind that for this list we have focused on the performance of the shoe, yeah sure the bulky MUSKA with the secret stash pocket it’s really cool indeed, but they didn’t have the tech that that is now being included in shoes and we are pretty sure that you would have a really hard time carrying the weight of them.

Let us know what is your top 5! We would love to get your opinion on this one!


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