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Top 5 Skateboarding Accessories Every Skater Needs

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


#5 Stickers

White SHIT Stickers


You might think to yourself, “really?” but yeah this is some of the basics, not only they look cool on your skateboard, but whether you know it or not, this is also visual promotion to your favorite brands, from local to the most recognized ones.

By sporting one of these babies you are indirectly supporting your favorite brands while making your board and gear looking cool AF, some skaters do not necessarily like stickers on their boards claiming that this is a “rookie move” what they don’t know is that this is one of skateboarding’s oldest forms of self-promotion for brands and that some even use them to cover the botched out spots on the graphic side of the deck! So yeah, a must-have.


#4 Skate Tool

Yeah, someone of your crew has one of those, but you should definitely consider getting your own! You won’t know how much you need it until you actually need it!

From setting up your full deck to make adjustments that ARE necessary after a couple of months of riding, starts little by little, but before you know it your wheels or trucks can become looser and you will need to get them adjusted! What if one of your dudes just got a new set up but his trucks are too tight, you can be there to save the day!

These things really come in handy from time to time and you will find that those fully committed on heavy-duty skateboarding ALWAYS carry one with them, there is always at least one in the park but wouldn’t be awesome if that one tool was yours?







#3 WAX

Another one that could make you the savior of the local plaza! wax is used to smooth out harsh spots to grind, some times the most unskateable spots become smooth with some effort, and of course, some wax! there are many wax brands but don’t let yourself get fooled! You can always DIY wich will give you some punk points while taking care of your pocket!


#2 Skate Bag

Probably one of the best and most useful accessories you can find out there, especially if you have to travel long distances on public transportation, or maybe you ride also a bike to the skatepark since the ground while you get there is not suitable to skate on, anyways, this is basically something you can use to carry your board without your hands!

One of the downsides of these things is that there are many brands that make them but they are not cheap!
So if you are in a budget, don’t worry my dude or dudette, there are also ways in which you can modify your own bag to pretty much get the same result as the expensive ones! Check out a youtube tutorial and get yourself some more punk points by DIY!


#1 Miscellaneous Goods

These are not as much as useful as some of the above, they are more for general protection and and “luxury” there are endless items we could name, but here are some of the most important ones:

  • Drink bottle: stay hydrated.
  • Sunglasses: watch out from the sun.
  • Shoe repair goo: Fix your botched up kicks on the go.
  • Paint pens and spray cans: leave your mark, fuck private property.
  • Extra shoelaces: you know how that goes…
  • Beanies and Caps: also good to take care of the sun.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! This is some of the SHIT® every skater should have on their bag when going out for a sesh! Did we miss any? Let us know what are some of the items you can’t be without when hitting the streets!


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