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Top 5 Skateparks in Oslo

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Hi Guys! Are you planning a trip to the north? Is Oslo marked in your plans? Do not miss the chance to visit some of the best skate park over there. In today’s SHIT® we take care of our readers so we will make sure that you have a hell of a time while you stay in the capital of Norway. We are giving our thumbs up to the following venues, so you will definitely want to visit all of those parks if you really want to call yourself a skater.


Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)


Kulturhuset Hausmania

If you are only going to be there for a short time perhaps this is the best idea, the park itself is not the biggest but still is great. Nonetheless, in Hausmania you will besides from skating get the chance to taste the Norwegian underground culture: as it is a place ruled by a collectivist community of artist. So, go there and get overwhelmed by the exhibitions, the food, some movies and of course don’t forget your board so you can get some fun with the locals and the visitors from all around the world.


The Oslo Skatehall

If you are a hardcore skater, you MUST come there. It does not matter if you go during the winter as it has a complete indoor complex where you can find a full-size vert ramp as well as a micro ramp and a couple of bowls. However, if you come during the summer or a sunny day you will have over 600 meters to skate outside. Moreover, there is also a coffee store, a media house and a museum. Many times, depending on the season you can go there and watch over exhibitions and gatherings. Fun fact: in the main facade of the building the designers wrote in braille the 1979’s law that banned skateboard in Norway for almost eleven years.






Gamlebyen Skatepark

If a punk rock venue is what you want Gamlebyen Skatepark is for you. This park has a pool and obstacles so you can practice all your trick. It is full of street art and is a great place for concerts. During the summer a great spot to visit. You can skate with a lot of promising skaters from Oslo and you can live the culture of the local skateboarders.


Haugenstua Skatepark

This park is also iconic within the skate scene in Oslo. It is an indoor facility with many ramps. It is a great please for noobs and more experienced skaters. The people that go here are very friendly and they really take care of the venue. Open 24/7 and it’s free. You can get there very easily walking or using public transportation. 


Storo Skatepark

This venue is great for beginners: Inside it you will find small ramps that are great for those who are just starting their adventure within the skate world. Maybe you want to take out your kids out while you enjoy a great cup of coffee and they have an outstanding time with other young skaters.



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Patrick March 14, 2020

Jeg synes det er litt rart å sette Storo og Gamlebyen skateparkene over Skur 13, og selv om det ikke eeegentlig er i Oslo, så ville jeg også sagt at bekkestua kanskje er en bedre skatepark enn gamlebyen (man kan rekke ditt med T-Bane, så derfor teller jeg det)
Gamlebyen bowlen ble enda mer humpete å skate på når de sanda den ned for å male de tentaklene, og street delen er egentlig ikke så bra, men deilig å cruise rundt i.

Jeg har aldri vært på Hausmania, og vet ikke egentlig hvordan skateparken der er, jeg har bare fått sett ett bittelite klipp fra en dokumentar.

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