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Top 5 Skate Camps in the USA

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Summer is coming! Have you ever considered to go to a skate camp? Skate camps are a great idea if you want to improve your skills, learn new tricks and meet amazing people. In today’s SHIT® we will suggest 5 great skate camps in USA. Take note, and if you can go, it is a sweet way to enjoy your summer.


Woodward (Pennsylvania)

Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)

These names will sound familiar to you: Tony Hawk, Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez and Shane O´Neill among other great skaters from all time have passed trough this camp. So, we can with confidence tell you that they have an outstanding program that will make you a better skater. They configurate groups depending on the age and the skills of the participants, so that the tutors can teach in a better way to each group. If you go to this camp you will get two daily hour long skate lessons, but besides that you will have the chance to participate in different games and contest that awards the best skaters.


Windells (Oregon)

Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)

You want to meet new people? Windells is for you as skaters from all around the world usually come to this camp. Here you will be able to become a better skater and also get to know people from Europe, Latin America, Asia among other places. Another great aspect about the Windells Camp is that companies such as Bacon, Bones, Creature, Habitat, Shrunken Head and Jivaro among others usually send staff to do some research and scouting, so who knows, you might be their next sponsored skater. On the other hand, another great aspect of this camp is that there is an over 21 program and you can practice snowboarding among other sports.






Element YMCA Skate Camp (California)

Photo: Mikael Cho (Unsplash)

What about developing a specific skill or a set of tricks… If that is what you are looking for the Element YMCA Skate Camp is for you. While you are here you will have the chance to select an obstacle and specialized coaches will teach you how to develop your potential. Near to the lake and the woods you can have an outstanding time and the full camp experience.


Ohio Dreams (Ohio)

Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)

Perhaps you already are a semi pro, you don’t want to be with a bunch of noobs, and you want an atmosphere that really challenges you. If that is your case, we recommend to you the Ohio Dreams Camp. This program was designed by professional skaters for people that are seriously considering becoming pro. It does not mean that they don’t have programs for beginners, but the want to develop your best skills.


Skatelab (Florida)

Photo: Unknown (Unsplash)

Are you a beginner? Then Skatelab is a great opportunity to start in the skate world, this is a short camp which usually lasts four days, here a coach will help you and will give the best coaching especially if you are just beginning as a skater. It doesn´t have overnight stay but this could be a great chance to get to know the sunny state.

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