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Top 5 Most Influential Skateboarders in History


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


It's hard to make a list of the most influential skaters in history, there are too many big names we would have to review and include on our list. But if we would give it a shot, this is the top 5 spots from our point of view. The skaters that made a spot on our top 5 has made a real impact on the story of skateboarding worldwide.

Jay Adams (R.I.P)

Jay Adams rest in peace skateboarding hero

The original Z-Boy was born on February 3, 1961 in Los Angeles, CA. Jay was responsible for transforming the surf style of the 70s into a more aggressive street style. He was a pioneer in pool skateboarding, which led to vert skateboarding. His controversial personality was the inspiration for many people who found in skateboarding a way out of their problems. After many years away from fame and some issues with drugs and authority, Jay lived his last years doing what he loved: skating and surfing the streets and waves of California. He died on 15th of August 2014.

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Christian Hosoi

Born October 5, 1967 in Hawaii. Christian Hosoi was a real rock star. He was the best and most dominant of this generation next to Tony Hawk but without the same recognition due to his personal problems later on in his carrer. Sponsored by Powell Peralta as amateur but left to skate Dogtown skateboards, years later he found HOSOI Skateboards. He skates neck to neck with all of the best skaters: Caballero, Hawk, McGuill. But his style and creativity stood out from all the others and gave him a spot on our list.






Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Skateboarding Legend

Born 12th of May 1968, Tony Hawk became the most famous skater to step on a board. He dominated the contest world and became a successful businessman who launched skateboarding to a whole new level. He started skating for Powell Peralta but later founded Birdhouse Skateboards which is one of the biggest brands in the industry. He sealed the deal by landing the first 900 in a contest.
he made skateboarding visible and what it is today; a global culture.

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Mark Gonzalez

"The Gonz" was born on June 1st, 1968. He is one of the most eccentric personalities in skateboarding and art. His innovative style took street skating to a more ( link injury post for dangerous) dangerous and technical level. He created several brands like Blind, ATM and later on Krooked Skateboards. He incorporated art and design like no other has done before and created a new wave of street skating.

Andrew Reynolds

"The Boss" was born on June 6th, 1978 in FL. He earned this nickname for his incredible style and ability to skate big gaps as if it were flat ground. In his early career he rode for Birdhouse (Tony Hawk ́s company). Later on he created baker skateboards which would become one of the most influential brands of this time wich redefined street skating giving a more real and raw style to skateboarding.


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