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Top 5 Most Iconic Skateboarding Spots In The World

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


It is common in skater nature to be on the hunt 24/7 for spots to skate, whenever crews visit new cities or countries and ride the van, they are focused on the same task; to look out the window and look for potential spots! Most of them don't even know where to skate or have a few places in mind after a few searches on Google, but it is well known that the best spots “find you” when you expect it the least. Today we are going to see some of the most iconic spots in the world!


#5 Landhausplatz, Innsbruck, Austria

Skateboarding in Austria
Photo by Günter Richard Wett

This is one of those spots that really blow your mind the first time you see them, the place seems to be specifically designed for skateboarding! Austrian design studio LAAC Architekten and Stiefel Kramer Architecture have created a spaced that once finished got practically taken over by skaters in the city which got complaints by citizens who eventually got skateboarding banned in this part of town, however, skaters and citizens got to an agreement to have some of the parts skate friendly and others skate free.


#4 MACBA, Barcelona, Spain

Skateboarding in Macba Barcelona
Photo by Arthur Tubb

It is one of the most prominent and renowned skateboarding spots worldwide. This spot is loaded with a super long ledge, a 5 stair, a big 3 block and some other fancy obstacles. Macba is the starting point of Skateboarding in Barcelona.

Featuring a vast amount of flat ground and a lot of quite fine obstacles to ride on. It contrasts with some awesome typical Barcelona buildings on one side and the very modern design of an art building on the other!




#3 Le Dôme, Paris, France

Skateboarding in Paris dome tokyo
Photo by Jean Donnet

AKA Le Palais de Tokyo – is one of the must-skate spots when you visit Paris. The three-flat-three, the marble ground and hubbas first skated by some of the biggest names in skateboarding history make this place unique, ancient architecture will also have you skating structures from hundreds of years that still stand to this date.

It has been a venue for events like the ES Game of Skate and is the reunis spot for the Go Skateboarding Day in Paris!


#2 Burnside, USA

Burnside skatepark portland usa
Photo by Jim-Nicholas James

This is known as the best DIY skateboarding experience in the world! Mark 'Red' Scott, Sage Bolyard, Bret Taylor and their crew started building what is known as the first DIY skatepark under the Burnside Bridge in Portland, all of this with the intention of creating a safe spot to skate under the rainy weather of the city. From the first bank built in the late 90’s skater have claimed this part of town their own and it evolved through time to a fully functional skatepark. Skaters from all over the world visit this wonder in amazement of the accomplishment. It is one of the most beloved and cared for parts of town by local skaters!


#1 El Embarcadero, USA

Skatespot in the USA
Photo by Alice Musbach

Officially named the Justin Herman Plaza. It is one if not the MOST iconic places on earth to skate and its popularity has not decreased since the 90’s when the first guys that adventured to skate in the streets started making ollies over gaps and riding handrails, known as home to guys like Mike Carroll, Jovontae Turner and Henry Sanchez. Thousands of skaters became familiar with the spot and it is still one of the most skated spots in the US. “The seven,” the stage, the big stage, the medium stage, the little three, the big three, the ledge at the bottom of the big three, the C-block, the fountain curb, the fountain gap, and, of course, The Gonz Gap, will always make of this place the disputed birthplace of what we know now as street skateboarding.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! There are many more spots and new ones coming out each day, but keep it underground, some of those spots that you found might not even be found by someone other than yourself or skated again! Which is also some cool SHIT® if you think about it!


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