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Top 5 Most Expensive Skateboards In The World

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


Prices for skateboards vary a lot depending on the quality of the stuff you are getting, you can get a pretty good full set up for about 200 bucks or even less, but how would you feel about paying thousands of dollars for a board? Not cool right, or if you can you will probably not skate on it! The ones we are going to check today are definitely not to skate on, these are collectible items with a massive amount of history and exclusiveness! Let's get into it!

5. The Golden Skateboard – $15.000

The worlds most expensive skateboards

It is considered to be one of the most collectible skateboarding items ever created and its creation process is rather simple, the same as any other jewel. The manufacturer of this item, a father and son with a jewelry business based in NY, came up with the idea of varnishing a board and all of its components in pure gold! (Or at least 99.999 percent pure). The coolest thing about the item is that it is a fully functional skateboard with bearings and spinning wheels but manufacturers do not recommend riding the thing and claim that the item is only for display. But like the owner has said; “you can do whatever you want with it after you pay for it!” a wise man.


4. The Supreme Mundi – $20.000

The supreme mundi is a art skateboard and very expensive

This is a creation of British artist Adrian Wilson. The skateboard was intended to be a critic of the art industry itself, since first it's a “fake” and was not released by supreme and just had the logo painted on a painter's palette! That's right, that's the deck of the board is mentioned that it was actually skated by some NYC's Lower east side skater before it went on to be auctioned away on eBay and bought by Jon Satin, a former gallery owner on behalf of a private client.

According to the artist himself, the sale of the item and more items like this is a concerning sign of the current state of art, in which items are sold as “art” but are nothing but novelty items to display on social media.






3. Tony Hawk’s Personal Beatles’ Blackbird Board – $27.000

Tony Hawk auctioned this skateboard and its really expensive

Owned at some point by Tony Hawk himself, this is one of the items skateboarding and music fans dream of, could you imagine having a board Tony skated on in your home?! The item was not sold for profit; it was auctioned by Hawk to raise money for a good cause. What makes the board special is the fact that it was owned and skated by one of the greatest and also the fact that it has the lyrics from the Beatles’ song “Blackbird'' which were later added and signed, by Paul McCartney himself.


2. Bucky Lasek and Adam Yauch Four Deck Set – $35.000

Bucky Lasek and Adam Yauch sold these at a tony hawk auction

This one was also sold at a Tony Hawk auction with the goal of raising money to build skateparks in the most in need areas of the US. The decks feature the lyrics for “Bodhisattva Vow,” which is a song by the Beastie Boys music group in the 90s that also influenced skateboarding culture during that time! This was an opportunity that could not be overlooked by skateboarding and music fans attending the event that was finally able to raise the crazy amount of money for the 4 decks!

1. Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan Blowin’ In The Wind” Skateboard – $38.000

The worlds most expensive skateboard

Dylan’s hit song lyrics for “Blowin’ In The Wind'' were featured on the deck of the board which were handwritten by Dylan himself! The deck was also signed by Thomas and was made especially for the Boards + Bands auction, the item caused a sensation and was the highest-priced item of the event and made the board the most expensive and special in the world!

There you go my dudes and dudettes, music and skate making it big in the industry as always and as we can see not only for-profit purposes but always with a good intention in mind, from artistic and cultural statements to raising money for the ones in need and a little luxury on the side!


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