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Top 5 Most Common Skateboarding Mistakes

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


There are many new studies that have been developed over the years regarding skateboarding. And now that it is becoming an Olympic sport, even more, research has been done on how skaters are able to improve their performance while skateboarding, some of the things we are used to DO while skateboarding are actually NOT recommended by specialists of the discipline since they could affect your performance, or not have any impact at all and just take space! Let’s check this SHIT® out!


5. Stretching Before Skating

Photo: Abigail Keenan (Unsplash)

Most of us find this practice basic and almost always necessary to do before we start doing tricks, however, recent studies show that it is not actually beneficial for the muscles to be stretched before performing an activity such as skateboarding, studies claim that being static while stretching could actually cause your muscles to get harder instead of loose, which could cause you more propensity to get hurt.

It is recommended to do something called dynamic stretching which is different to the regular one we are used to and it's basically stretching moves that involve motion of the limbs and not just static stretch, look it up on YouTube!


4. Not Warming Up Properly

Photo: Tomasz Woźniak (Unsplash)

What they recommend you do instead of stretching, is to get the blood running through your body! And get heat in your body which is what actually gets your muscles warm and ready to do some tricks!

A good recommended warm-up activity is just to do some cardio before starting which could be something like running a few laps or jogging before you start (which could be a little funny on a skatepark) but we recommend just riding your board to the spot you are going to skate on or just ride it around the spot for about 10 to 15 minutes before you start skating!

It is also recommended to start your routine with easier tricks you are already used to, before moving to the big trick you want to attempt that day!






3. Sugar and Junk food

Photo: Louis Hansel (Unsplash)

You will see a lot of people pumping themselves with sugary drinks before they start skating since the industry has led you to believe that they will help you skate better which is a myth! An overall healthy diet will be of much more help when you skate, so stop eating that pizza with soda before you hit the park, try to get a healthy snack and save that tasty energy drink for AFTER your skateboarding routine is done, most people think that it is the other way around but it is not!


2. Trying Too Hard

Photo: Josh Herrington (Unsplash)

This is something you see very often in the park when someone is trying a new trick, they fall and get up over and over again, which is completely fine, we are not telling you to give up my dude or dudette! Just take it easy and chill, give your body and your mind a couple of minutes in between attempting the trick! Our body only has a limited amount of energy and if you spend it all in the first 40 minutes after getting to the skatepark while trying to perform a new trick, well, you just ruined your day and will not be able to perform as good for the rest of it!


1. Being Negative

Photo: Francisco Moreno (Unsplash)

This is one of the big ones! This happens more often than you realize, when you’ve been trying to pull off a trick the entire day and you are not able to, you can get really frustrated and even mad because of the whole situation, you could even start thinking that you are not good enough and some people even give up skateboarding altogether!

If you happen to not pull off a trick that day just try to go home with a positive mind set about the situation! Studies show that just the fact that you think positive will give you more chances physically and mentally to be able to complete the trick on another occasion!

And there you have it my dudes and dudettes! Follow these 5 easy tips and change your current behaviours and we are pretty sure that your overall skateboarding performance will improve tremendously in no time!!

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