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Top 5 Iconic Skateboarding Photographers

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


For more than 50 years we have lived an important part of the entire evolution of photography, cameras, and the types of formats in which we may take a picture.

From disposable cameras, with photographic rolls to reveal, to compact cameras where you can record in large format and easy downloading, all depending on tastes and how passionate you are about the subject. 

Nowadays, this habit of photography is lived by the vast majority of society. Leaving a record of the past will always be something significant in the life of human beings. This is the case of skateboarding which, being an action sport, is characterized by the difficulty of executing its tricks in seconds. If it's complex it will be an admirable trick.

Among the magazines that marked worldwide skateboarding with their covers and journalistic works in the past, you find names like Skateboarder, Thrasher, and TransWorld Skateboarding. These medias were in charge of connecting the world with skateboarding when there weren't digital media such as it's today.

They have been helping all of the community to encourage the sport and all the things that involve skateboarding, street, photography, situations and experiences. They recreate a way of living as a skater and this was replicated in every corner of the world, converting, millions of bystanders into active players.


Five Skateboarding Photographers Worth a Mention

Although much of the recognition goes to the media, brand, or project. We will review some of the most influential photographers, who were, and still remain, in many of the iconic moments of skateboarding. They have gone through so many situations as photographers, captured moments on the skateboard, enduring the sun, falls, failures, police, achieved captures in unknown or historical places, jumping fences, breaking lenses, etc. Here we will remember 5 of the most influential photographers of skateboarding.






Craig Stecyk


He is considered one of skateboarding photography pioneers, and have been documenting great skateboarders since the 70s. He gave skateboarding an identity with his camera and allowed the public to know more about what was happening with skateboarding in California. He is an artist, writer, photojournalist, and filmmaker for sports cultures like skateboarding. He cooperated on films such as Dogtown and Z-Boys, The Bones Brigade Videoshow, Lords of Dogtown, and Fatty Fin.


Atiba Jefferson

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@hotelrwanda Day Rip by @loginlava watch it @thrasher .COM

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With more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram, Atiba is today considered one of the most valuable skateboarding photographers. Nowadays, his work is published in Thrasher magazine, best known by skateboarders. His style goes beyond capturing skateboarding tricks, he also does portraits.

He has worked for big brands and public figures from basketball players like Michael Jordan, actresses like Millie Bobby Brown, to artists from different musical genres like Pharrel Williams, The Cure, and many more. You can find much of his work on his portfolio or in his personal Instagram profile @atibaphoto. However, his work documenting skateboarding in the North American streets is what fascinates him and highlights him as a photographer.


Grant Brittain 


Brittain started in the world of sports photography more than 40 years ago, documenting the skateboarding history, among his captures are photos from places that were available to skaters such as Tony Hawk, Steve Steadham, Omar Hassan. You can find the Instagram profile @jgrantbrittain or website at He has collaborated for TransWorld Skateboarding since the 1980s and has contributed covers that helped give them the name they have today.


Mike O'Meally


O'Meally grew up in the Western United States in “the time when skateboarding felt like it was from another planet”, his interest in photography grew in the 90s after finishing school, “as soon as I started shooting, my dreams quickly changed to being published in magazines, that's how I started all this… my love of skateboarding led me to photography and trying to get into magazines”, says Mike in an interview for The Chrome Ball in 2018.

His first published photo was in the magazine of one of his friends called Slap, and magazines like Skateboarder and TWS had O'Meally's captures on their covers. In his Instagram profile @mikeomeally you can find the work from the guy who without a doubt took most iconic photographs of the 90s, a great time for skateboarding.


Ed Templeton


With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Templeton has stood out for his skateboarding photos. However, among his captures from the 90s, it was very common to see portraits of young people of the time smoking cigarettes.

Templeton isn't only a Toy Machine founder, but he is also an artist and on his personal profile we can find some of his work; women from different angles, situations, and different physical characteristics, the vast majority from a medium level. If we go to his profile @ed.templeton we will find the account of @wires_crossed too, space where he documents skateboarding from his experiences; it should be noted that his records are experiential, of spontaneous moments in the scene and contains lots of people smoking cigarettes.

With photography we can take a look back, keep moments alive, it leads us to fully assume that skateboarding isn't only full of talented skateboarders, but also incredible skateboarding photographers and videographers. Nowadays, it is important for any enthusiastic skateboarder to leave a record, because due to complexity of the tricks, if you didn't record it, you didn't do it or perhaps later, you will not be able to do it again, so let's go to record and remember our trajectory as skaters.


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