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Top 5 Hardest Backside Tricks

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


When you grind or slide on a rail that is at your back before you ollie on it, it becomes a backside trick, meaning that when you roll up to the rail and attempt to do a trick on it, your back is facing it. Backside in aerial maneuvers like airing out on a ramp or just a flat ground ollie is when you catch air and spin your back towards the direction you are riding.

We care about your safety so if you are attempting these tricks for the first time you must already have a pretty good level of skateboarding skills and tricks in your bag! Like any time you are going to attempt new tricks, we recommend you warm up for at least 20 minutes before attempting them, stretch your limbs and get comfortable on your skateboard before you begin, and here you have the top 5 hardest backside tricks!


5. BS Bluntslide!


If you are going to attempt this, you must already have BS Tailslides and BS Boardslides on the bag. We recommend you learn these before the BS Bluntslide, so you can get a feeling for the way you approach the ledge or a rail.

Approach the ledge almost parallel with your feet in the Ollie position and ollie up towards the ledge.

Jump high enough so that your back truck goes over the ledge. Then turn your hips in a frontside 90-degree motion and land with your tail and back wheels on top of the edge of the ledge.

Only turn your hips into the slide movement and keep your shoulders straight towards the direction you are sliding.

Keep your weight on the tail and lean a bit away from the ledge so that you lock your back foot and the board onto the ledge.

Try to keep your board as vertical as possible. Keeping your weight on the tail and the board vertical will help you not to slip out of the Blunt position, At the end, turn your hips back straight and roll away clean. You can also try to pop out of the slide or turn to Fakie.


4. BS Noseslide!


For a Backside Noseslide you should already have Backside Boardslides on lock as well as FS 180 Ollies. The BS Noseslide is a trick that works nicely on nearly every grindable obstacle.

Approach the ledge almost parallel while you put your feet in an Ollie position and ollie up towards the ledge.

To get your nose on the ledge you have to do half a FS 180 Ollie, so a frontside 90 degree Ollie.

Aim with your nose onto the ledge and shift all your weight on it once you have locked it in. It’s important to lock your nose at exactly 90 degrees otherwise you might get stuck.

Make sure your weight is balanced, so you don’t stick and fall forward or slip out and fall back.

At the end of the ledge, push your board with the nose forward back into a straight rolling position.

You can also try to pop out off the side of the ledge by popping your nose a bit and by slightly twisting the board with your shoulders and your back foot. To get comfortable, it can help to practice going straight into the ledge, doing an Ollie, and landing in the nose slide position without sliding.


3. BS Bigspin!


A combination of a Backside 180 and a Pop Shove-It. So the board turns 360 degrees while your body turns only 180 degrees.

The Backside Big Spin is a little different from the normal Backside Pop Shove-It because with Backside Bigspins you need to scoop your tail more. This one is going to take some time so we recommend you PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

As with a Kickflip, place your front foot near the bolts of your front truck. Your back foot should stand pretty much in the middle of the tail.






Once again, it’s important to use your shoulders to help your body do the 180. Before you pop your tail, build up momentum with your shoulders by bending down and turning your shoulders slightly getting ready for the 180 motion.

When you pop your board make sure that you scoop the tail behind you hard enough so the board gets the full 360 rotation. With your front foot, just slightly move it out in front of you and up in the direction that the board is going to go.

The way most people do the backside 180 is when your body is about 90 degrees in the air, try and catch the board on the bolts and turn with the board the remaining 90 degrees of your backside 180 motion. The key to this trick is timing. At first, you will probably have trouble landing more than 90 degrees but it just takes some practice



2. BS Lipslide!


Lipslides look similar to Boardslides with the difference that you lift your back truck instead of your front truck over the rail. A Backside Lipslide is performed with a BS 180 before you lock in on the rail or ledge with the middle of your board, it’s good to have BS 180 Ollies and Boardslides in the bag before you attempt this!

Approach the ledge almost parallel and put your feet in the Ollie position and ollie up towards the ledge.

Once your board is above the rail, start turning your hips and your board in a backside 90-degree motion locking in with the middle of your board on the ledge or rail.

After you have locked the Lipslide in, everything else is similar to a Boardslide.

To have good balance while sliding, try to have your feet on top of the bolts of your trucks and your bodyweight centered to avoid slipping out.

An important thing is to turn your hips into the slide movement but to keep your shoulders straight looking in the direction, in which you are sliding, at the end, move your hips back and roll away straight.


1. BS Disaster!


One of the trickiest ones and favorite among the pros. The final position of the BS Disaster is similar to the Rock ‘n’ Roll. That means that you have to land on the coping with the middle part of your board after doing a BS 180 turn. To get this managed, it’s helpful to have BS 180 Ollies on lock as well as a bit of experience in riding transitions.

Approach a quarter pipe with enough speed. Since you have to do a Backside 180 before the Disaster, you should turn your shoulders a bit earlier to prepare for the turn.

Your back foot should be positioned in the pocket of your tail so that you have a nice scoop.

Now it is all about timing. When your front truck leaves the quarter pipe, that is the moment when you scoop your tail and turn your hips around to get your tail over the coping.

Once you are locked in, try to keep your Disaster balanced for a little while before shifting your weight forward and leave the coping by easing the weight of your back leg and lifting your back truck out of the Disaster by pressing the front truck down on the quarter pipe, make sure you press down long enough, so your back truck doesn’t hang up.

There you have it my dudes and dudettes, some tricky SHIT® to attempt if you want to have fun and improve your skateboarding level! backside tricks are always a stylish and nice way to show off and improve your overall orientation skills and move up to harder tricks! Make sure you warm-up prior to, watch a lot of videos and PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!


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