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Top 10 Skateparks In The World
By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


Even if we love street, the skateparks around the world are helping to increase the number of skaters and providing people with a space to meet and practice without offending people, making them a safe place to skate all day, share with friends and improve the level to be a better rider.


Oslo Skatehall in Norway

Photo: Jan Kopřiva (Unsplash)

This skatepark is located in Oslo, it’s a special place to the skateboarders of the zone. Skatehall is an indoor skatepark and with just a ticket you will have access to one of the most beautiful places to skate. This is also our Oslo based team skater Aksel Sørum's home park.

When you get in the park you can see two platforms, the first floor is the biggest one and then you can follow some stairs to go up and see their special pool, right down on the first floor you can see the structure of the bowl where you may enjoy a place to try anything you want.

This place is very complete, it has a lot of quarter pipes but also a vert ramp and mini ramp, there are some stairs with different sizes, it has banks, boxes, rails, spacious flat ground, everything is made with wood so if you fall maybe it won't hurt so much either!


Agora Skatepark in Spain

Photo: Hello I'm Nik (Unsplash)

Barcelona is a popular city in the world of skateboarding, there you can find a lot of street spots to enjoy skating, and through the years skate has done much of it's evolution here. Now you can find a lot of skateparks there as well and one of the most recent one is Agora Skatepark, it’s a street park with all the elements to help you apply yourself on the skateboard.

It's style is characterized to look like a real SLS park, it has a lot of obstacles, like stairs of 4 and 7 steps, lots of quarter pipes is a vertical zone, you can fly there, use the gaps, boxes, rails, and the floor to do some flat tricks. It isn't a big park, but you can see a lot of kids enjoying it and it’s perfect for learning how to skate from the day you start.






Creature Skatepark in Italy, en Riva del Garda

Photo: Alexander Londoño (Unsplash)

This park is located in River del Garda, it’s a very complete park to improve your skills as a skater, it features a huge space where you will find obstacles like stairs one after another, rails, gaps, spine, boxes, transfers and a lot of combined halfpipes with extensions, perfect to learn different tricks.

This place combines different floor textures, for the street with concrete and ramp with a soft material. Creature skatepark is full of kids and there are always teachers helping others to get better skating, also you can enjoy the city and how beautiful this place in Italy is.


Suzano Skatepark Brasil

Photo: Favio Gasparini (Unsplash)

Located in Sao Paulo and is one of the newest parks in Brasil, it's one of the best parks in Brasil, but the most important is how this place provides to the skaters the right obstacles to increase their levels as skateboarders.

It's a fact that you can enjoy everything here. In this parks the street zone takes most space, but also the bowl is a supporting feature where you can fly and try new tricks, the place has the vision to be a functional place for big events and competitions and a special place for the audience.

It has a lot of quarter pipes with different extensions, gaps, grind boxes, flat rails, fun boxes, pyramids, euro gaps, and so many more options.


Tercer Milenio Skatepark in Colombia

Photo: Andrew Scullin (Unsplash)

Tercer Milenio is a popular place in Bogota and is one of the biggest parks in Colombia, it supports a lot of skaters in the area where you can enjoy huge and small obstacles to increase your level as a skateboarder. The park has two types of pools and three types of streets zones that will complement your experience of this place.

It has obstacles like boxes, rails, stairs and curves of every size, it's a fast skatepark, and you can learn since the beginning to be a pro. You will enjoy every extension, gaps, grind box, flat rail, fun boxes, pyramids, euro gaps, etc.


Empilar Skatepark Argentina

Skatepark in Argentina
Photo: Jan Kopřiva (Unsplash)

Empilar is located in Cordoba and is a private skatepark inside the house of sports leaders and has a street style, it’s characterized by the events that occurs there, and for the social work. Empilar helps the skateboarders of the zone to get ready to compete or just learn and confront the obstacle as a skater.

The park has banks, boxes, flat and down rails, manual gabs, stairs with 7 and for steps, transfers, and quarter pipes, rainbow rail, here you can really use your creativity to have a fun day sharing with special people that support you.


Spring Park In The USA

Photo: Ben Hanson (Unplash)

This park is located in Texas. It's such a huge skatepark and that's what characterizes it, it has a lot of street zones but also a lot of curves for you to enjoy and become a complete skateboarder in.

If you see a panoramic view of it, you will see the star of texas and some ideas to highlight where the skatepark is from. It’s one of the biggest skateparks in the USA, but also in the world.

You should know this place and take advantage of every obstacle within it to increase your tricks and get them better. There you will find stairs with different sizes, flat and down rails, smooth curvaceous rolling ramps, pyramids and so much more. It’s full of trees and nature.


Shaw Millennium Park, Canada

Skatepark in Canada
Photo: Charles Deluvio (Unsplash)

This one is located in Alberta, it has as many obstacles as you can imagine, a big zone for street tricks, but also a big space to use the curve and take advantage of the pool. It has rails, transitions, stairs, euro gaps, manual pad, grind boxes, rails funbox, pyramids, and many more.

This place is special to any skater who wants to skate all day and learn things about each skateboarding modality, you will enjoy it.


Rampworx Skatepark in the United Kingdom

 Skatepark in London
Photo: Ilias Papounidis (Unsplash)

This park is an indoor skatepark located in Liverpool, it’s very special because of the obstacles and the time that it has been supporting skateboarders there, you can use every element of the park to fly.

You can learn new tricks on funbox, roll in, smooth curvaceous rolling ramps, banks, there are a vert ramp and quarter pipes with extensions. Here you may try tricks safely as you fall down in a foam pool. It’s probably one of the most complete parks in Europe and it’s all made with wood.


Lai Chi Kok Park in China

Photo: Stefan Lehner (Unsplash)

Located in Hong Kong and is a colorful park with reds, oranges and yellows colored design features (great design in our opinion). There are rails, manual gap, big quarter-pipe, big stairs with 6 and 19 steps with a rail incorporated, a small bowl, grind boxes, transitions, it is characterized for being a street park. In general it’s not too big but is perfect for learning with friends.

Some of these parks are really important to the history of the cities and countries they originate from. Enjoy always to skate in every place and remember that in every corner of the world there is someone fighting to maintain the skateboarding culture and is working hard to help people and increase the sport there, so if you see a skatepark you will know that it’s a collaborative work and deserve to be valued.



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