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Top 10 Skateboarding Video Games

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine. 


In today’s SHIT® we will be discussing a very difficult topic to take on which is skateboarding video games, we will take it from the real classics up to some games that are not really known but are also worth giving a play!

When you think of skateboarding games we bet the first thing that comes to your mind is the Tony Hawk franchise! And so do we, but we tried to make this list a little more friendly to other titles from different platforms so that diverse titles get a chance to be on this list! Some of these are from really old platforms, so we will take titles from mobile and portable consoles to the more advanced and complex titles in playability and graphics!


10. True Skate


So, let’s start with the basics! This game is playable for iOS, one of the main features in the game is that it includes real-life street skateboarding spots! This will give you a glimpse of these iconic spots and if you have already skated them In real life, how fun it would be to try them virtually!!

You basically have to use your fingers to touch and swap, which will allow you to push, jump, and make tricks.

The game involves tracks or lines that you need to complete to move through different levels of difficulty and its overall a fun option to have on your phone if you feel like doing some skate while on the bus!


9. Touchgrind Skate 2


Very similar titles and also for mobile devices. With this game your fingers will also act as your legs, the main difference is the quality of the graphics which is amazing, you will only see the board on the screen which will give you more room to perform tricks and complete the tracks!

It will take some time before you get a grip on the mechanics of the game, but once you do you could have a blast trying to complete levels and becoming a pro!


8. Backyard Skateboarding


Released in 2004 by Atari both for PC and Game Boy Advance, the backyard skateboarding game features a very simple 3D cartoonishly model that makes skateboarding really fun, it’s far from attempting a “realistic” feel to the sport and is mostly designed for kids, but that’s exactly what makes it so much fun to play, the graphics could be compared to what we now see in the Wii Sports franchise.


7. Skate Or Die!


This was even before Tony Hawk’s franchises (for those who think he invented skateboarding video games).

It was released in 1988! That’s right! Waaay before Tony did, it was designed to play originally on the first Home PC’s and eventually moved to Nintendo platforms.

It featured mostly downhill skateboarding events and the graphics are of course 8bits, right on the nostalgia!


6. OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Hollywood


It does not achieve to have the best graphics in comparison to what the other skateboarding games do and it’s actually a 2D self-running platform in which the main goal is to get through the end of each level without falling and also making tricks which will help you get your score up and find secrets within the game which we’ll leave for you to find (wink).


5. Skate it!


Being for Nintendo DS, it has a unique type of playability compared to any other games out there. It is not trying to copy the style of Skate platform games but rather translates beautifully into the DS with the amazing graphics featured on the console’s Skate versions! It is one of the most detailed games when it comes to graphics for the Nintendo DS.






4. Skate 3


It is considered one of the best skateboarding games releases from all times and it came out back in 2010 so you can imagine how much impact this game has! It has gathered a massive following of fans that still demand a sequel from Activision and Electronic Arts.

It contrasts well from Tony Hawk’s videogames, not only in graphics but also in the soundtrack of the game, this offers much more variety than the punk rock-fueled games from Tony’s franchises.

Released for Play station 3 and Xbox 360, it is and will keep being one of the best skateboarding games unless creators finally satisfy its fan base with an even better sequel!!


3. Tony Hawk’s Underground 


That’s right kids, let’s get to the cheese, Tony’s franchises will always be on top not only for the history of its creator but also due to merit, his games brought skateboarding to places all over the world and inspired people (who probably didn’t even own a board) fall in love with the sport and its culture!

In this particular version, the games step back from its original plot based only on skating scenarios and actually allowed the characters to step out of the board and just walk around iconic skateboarding spots or regular streets! It also included a full story mode with an incredible amount of celebrity appearances which is something you can only expect from his games!

The story mode allowed you to actually feel how it is to be in skateboarder’s shoes and live the day to day since it even included missions that were not skateboarding related which gave the game a more realistic and fun approach than other skateboarding games on the market, definitely a MUST play.

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (Game Boy Advance)


We bet you didn’t expected this to be on the top 5 but it is! It’s one of the most interesting and innovative games out there, some people say that its playability is kinda difficult to learn and get a grip off. But it is amazing how the creators of the game were able to pull off this magnificent piece with the resources a portable console has to offer!

It featured characters like Caballero, Koston, and Mullen to name a few, and it included new tricks to unlock and perform in the game:

It’s greatest achievement was to get Hawk’s world in your hands by being able to play on the go!


1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (Console)


Here it is my dudes and dudettes! The number one of this list and if you are reading this article, you have probably played this game and still play it to this date! A true classic in every way, from the playable characters to the iconic soundtrack full of punk rock tunes that will leave you singing while playing!

It has been translated to nearly every single playable platform from mobile devices to portable consoles, regular consoles; PC, MAC and all in between!!

One of the most noticeable features is the fact that the game allows you to create your own freaking levels! So you could imagine even the most impossible scenarios to skate on, giving you creative freedom and even letting you go crazy on impossible levels to have you entertained for hours!

It is still to this date one of the most beloved and highest rated (not only skateboarding related) video games of all times!!

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! Most of the titles are currently playable; if you don’t have the different consoles you could download emulators on your PC to be able to play them, and the most recent ones can be found on your console’s online gaming stores!


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