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Top 10 Skateboarding Instagram Profiles

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Skateboarders are on the move. They roll in and out the streets, parks and tournaments at any given moment. Just like the universe, they’re in constant expansion, and thanks to Instagram they now have the advantage of promoting themselves while also choosing which images and skills they want to show to the world. These are the top 10 Instagram skateboarders and skateboarding related profiles you can follow for witnessing their greatest present-day moments.


10. The Berrics


Dynamic duo Steve Berra and Eric Koston present you The Berrics skateboarding park and facility, where skateboarding culture peaks its highest in one of the greatest skills laboratories out there destined to the never-ending research of the deck.

> Check it out here


9. Braille Skateboarding


Braille is a Youtube Channel whose mission is to gather all the skateboarding community in one place; not just the pros or the rookies, but also the enthusiast potential skateboarders. No matter how old they are, where they come from or their capacities, skateboarding is always an option, and so Braille offers video tutorial to starters and easy to learn tips.

> Check it out here


8. Primitive Skateboarding


The skateboarding of the one and only Paul ‘P-Rod’ Rodriguez and his team of elite skateboarders. You’ll find here loads of products designed by skateboarders for skateboarders. The ultimate getaway for your next selection of gear.

> Check it out here


7. Jim Greco


Skateboarding counterculture is bound to the name Jim Greco. One of the most notorious true punk style skaters out there, as his career in the 90’s was well defined in the grunge era of substance abuse, rebel and unconformity ideals and stylish garments that gave an identity to the ravaging respawn of the community.

> Check it out here


6. The World of Skateboarding


This profile matches up the best compilations of news and insights inside the skateboarding realm. You can have your daily dose of skateboarding newsreel on the events and people all over the word in single shots, videos and references. Keep yourself updated on the skateboarding daily news!

> Check it out here






5. Birdhouse Skateboards


The house and birdcage of nonother than Tony Hawk and his team. Since its inception it has continued ceaselessly to bring skateboarding to the medias’ attention and to seemingly uninterested people left behind, legacy that we must credit Birdhouse for converting many of them to the sign of the deck.

> Check it out here


4. Marc McKee


Skateboarders live by their performances and skills, but there’s also a large community of artists and designers whose main inspiration is the deck. Instagram profiles, such as Marc McKee’s, show just how art and skateboarding can blend in an almost perfect synchronicity. Wanna check some sick art, covers and deck designs? Then McKee is the man you look for behind the canvas.

> Check it out here


3. Riley Hawk


The eldest son of Tony Hawk has made a name and reputation of his own for his characteristic and unique style that distances from his father’s. His whole career can be seen through his pics, images and videos, making bystanders falter about if the teachings alone can excel more than your family gen pool.

> Check it out here


2. Memory Screen


Feeling nostalgic? Time just continues to increase its pace and is making you feel like you’re being left behind? Memory Screen cares too and so its Instagram is one destined for both long and short timers that search for historic and old archives that had left skateboarders over the decades. Time is never too long or too short in Memory Screen.

> Check it out here




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