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Top 10 Skateboard Books You Should Read


By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Somewhere out there lies hidden the secret knowledge guarded by the sorcerers of old times. The forbidden spells that they casted during their lifetimes are concealed with jealousy in stone booby trapped labyrinths. That tomes of wisdom however are not meant to remain untouched, for brave adventurers risked their lives to obtain the ultimate of treasures: the books of skateboarding. Thanks to their efforts we mortals may now enjoy their chronicles and revive the most powerful spells. Here’s a list of some of them:


10. 40 Years Of Ads

40 Years Of Ads Skate Book Must Read

Words are not the entirety of human language; the imagery may preceed the letter creates memory, and so does what the content of this book tries to achieve. In 40 years of Ads you will find the best artistic graphics used to promote skateboarding culture in magazines such as Skateboarder, Action Now and Thrasher from 1978 to 2018.


9. Made For Skate: The Footwear That Made Skateboarding

Made For Skate: The Footwear That Made Skateboarding Book

Skate footgear has its own history. In this book you will find the most important moments in shoes designed exclusive for skateboarders and the types that had a massive breakthrough across the world.


8. See Spot Shred 

See Spot Shred skateboard book to read

By Dylan Goldberger: A children and family friendly illustrative book that conveys through cartoon dogs that teach the alphabet letters with catchy sound words and skateboarding concepts, and a variation of different styles and tricks. Perfect for skaters, children and dog lovers!


7. Skate The World: Photographing One World Of Skateboarding

Skate The World: Photographing One World Of Skateboarding. books to read

By Jonathan Mehring: described as ‘skate porn’, Skate The World is a photo bootleg with hundreds of full-color HD photos that tracks skateboardings long time achievements and captures the intimate style of different skaters. A crystal ball that displays the past, the present and future of the community in the universal language of photography.


6. Shit: The Big Brother Book

Shit The Big Brother Book skateboarding books to read

By Sean Cliver: a compilation of the various volumes of Big Brother magazine, one of the most scandalous and polemical skate magazines in history. The Parental Advice is present more than ever, for the controversies the content woke back in the day was described as obscene and rowdy, but as today respects it’s one big picture of the boundaries between skateboarding and society in a very Punk perspective.


5. Built To Grind: 25 Years Of Hardcore Skateboarding

Built To Grind: 25 Years Of Hardcore Skateboarding

A well-detailed written account of the story behind Independent Truck Company. It covers the history of ideas and anecdotes behind the Indy truck designs and the team skate riders from 1978 up to 2003, along the philosophical view of society seen by the ones who lived (against) it.






4. Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder

Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder skate books must read

By Tony Hawk and Sean Mortimer. Do you think you know your Tony Hawk? This autobiography is the real testimony of how it is like to be Tony Hawk by Tony Hawk himself. His life, his career, his triumphs and defeats, all of it in the voice of the man who incarnated a whole generation of skaters and a full-skateboarding decade and begotten with it one of the biggest successful careers in skateboarding history.


3. Skateboarding: Book of Tricks

Skateboarding: Book of Tricks (skateboarding books must reads)

By Steve Badillo and Doug Werner: A well-executed How-To manual for both rookies and pros. The book compiles more than 34 tricks in both old-school and new styles up to 2003 along the history behind each of them and the best way to perform them


2. The Mutt: How To Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself

The Mutt: How To Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself (top skateboarding books you should read)

By Rodney Mullen. The man and legend that is the overlord ace of 80’s skateboarding and inventor of many now classic tricks speaks to the audience on his personal approach to the deck and the training that he embraced in the early days. The living legend and oracle talks and the mortals are listening.


1. Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History

Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History (Top 10 skateboarding books you should read)

By Iain Borden. The relationship between the urban space and skateboarding goes way back as far as the first decks appeared. There could’ve been no skateboarding without the city, and now it is impossible to see a city without skateboard in it. This book explores with scientific pretensions but with an easy to take language a very serious study of skateboarding culture as a lifestyle that deepens its roots in the concrete layout.


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