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Tommy Guerrero: Legendary Skate Warrior and Guitarist

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Yeah, you heard that right: both a pro skater and a musician in an eternal struggle to tame the dragon been armed in one hand with a skateboard and on the other with an electric guitar, Tommy Guerrero is one of the still living legends that walk amongst us. The age of chivalrous knights cladded in armor and riding stallions may be gone but modern days still need veteran crusaders like him, wearing his gear and riding his deck like in an epic modern folktale to pass down for generations to come and judge for themselves. The story goes like this:


Skater, Artist, Entrepreneur and Composer

Photo: Tina Stephenson (Unsplash)

Born and raised in San Francisco in the mid 60’s C.E., Tommy G. had a childhood molded by his very first skateboard at the age of 9. He had two mayor goals in his life as he grew up skating downhill in the streets of San Francisco: the deck and the guitar. Since he was a teenager he already displayed being fond of musicians such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa and Ry Cooder, which inspired him to take his first guitar lessons. Skateboarding, however, would be the skill that changed his life when one fateful day he was seen shredding by non-other than Stacy Peralta, the Z-Boy and Lord of Dogtown himself.

Just like any other tale, the master arrived when the apprentice was ready, and Peralta recognized the talent behind the young man who was Guerrero, recognition that made the latter earn a place in his guild: The Bones Brigade from Powell Peralta, back in the 80’s C.E. During this time Tommy G’s career skyrocketed, becoming one of the most prominent pro skaters of the team. This however did not restrain him in forgetting his other ambitions: his musical career and owning a skateboarding company.






From 1998 to 2018 he had released, composed and produced over 10 albums, worth mentioning some of them like ‘Soul Food Taqueria’ and ‘No Man’s Land’, as his style has been described as an experimental sound which mixes elements of Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul and Funk among other genres. He also did establish two big skateboarding companies: Deluxe Distribution and Real Skateboards, along side his partners Jim Thiebaud, Eric Sweson and Fausto Vitello, becoming two of the most important urban skate enterprises in the community.


A Skateboards Art Teacher

This guitar fencer is still far from being an old timer. Right now, he has not stepped aside at all, for as once somewhere in time his tutor came and passed his knowledge unto him, Tommy G as we speak lives on imparting lessons, leading teams and supervising the artwork of the world famous Krooked decks of Mark Gonsalez, still renowned for their designs.

The dragon has been defeated for now, but its fire breath will keep on raging long before another battle against the knight begins. Both are one and the same, for just the spawn between the two would triumph over the challenges yet to come. A spawn called Warrior alongside his loyal steed named Skate. Goodspeed.



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