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Tom Schaar: Pro Skateboarder Who Made History

By Valentina Diaz

V. Diaz, a journalist and passionate skateboarder, is a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


He was first imtroduced to skateboarding by saxophone player Kenny G. “his [Kenny's] kids grew up and they got out of skating and got over it, but they had a mini-ramp still, so he asked us if we wanted it and of course we said yes, so he just gave us the mini ramp”, said Schaar in an interview in the Fair Game Show, at that moment his career just got to start. 

At the age of 12 years old, he made one of the most important tricks in his life, the famous 1080 that consisted of three aerial revolutions above the quarter-pipe. The same year, in 2012, he landed it in the X Games competition and won the gold medal making history in skateboarding.

“We’ve seen his skateboarding mature a lot in a very short amount of time”, said the pro skateboarder Chris Pastras when Tom was 18 years old.





Tom Schaar’s Career

His talent made him a professional skateboarder at a really young age and all the medias was looking at him, we could see how Tom evolved in competition and as a skateboarder. He received the support of brands like DC, Redbull and Element. Now he still with Element, but has new brands too like Vans, Monster, Independent, Bronson, Alta Wheels and Blenders Eyewear.

Those sponsors have helped him to continue doing what he loves and sometimes he might be feeling under pressure when he is performing, but he has said that it is because he is very competitive and is giving himself that pressure. He talked about the competition and said that he will be trying as hard as he can, even if he didn’t have any sponsors, but about their brands he said:

“I think person wise and every time I go to a contest I get nervous and get stressed out and you know really trying to practice and get ready for it and everything so I think either way I’d feel the pressure, but no, they’re really supportive”

He is filming a bunch all the time, and actually he started to enjoy more of the park modality, and we could see when he won the vans park series in 2017, 2018, he always got the first places. He started being a mega ramp skater, but now he is a complete skater that also loves the pool.


About Competitions

Tom has been on the podium in Big Air, but in the last 5 years he started to compete in Park and he always got the first places of the list. He is known for what he can do skating and his skills to compete in private events like Vans Park Series, X-Games and currently in the Olympics.

“He’s maintained like a level head and wants to do well and I think that’s awesome, you know. I think that Tom definitely will like trying to be in the Olympics”, said Chris Gregson one of his friends and filmers.

He thinks that the Olympics is like another contest and even if for some people it’s a really bad idea, to him is a chance to open up the door for a lot of people that probably didn’t have the opportunity before.

For Schaar, fall down is “probably more than a half skateboarding is falling so you’re not always gonna land everything so you have to learn how to fall in the right way too”, he expressed in the interview, he also added that when you learn how to deal with fears, you start to be more confident to try harder.

He also has believed that in skateboard contests, there is no rival even if there is just one Winner, for Tom, all the competitors have grown up competing, so they all know each other and they are a big family at this point to him.

“We just all travel together around the world. We’ve all abroad just really good friends so it’s just you see your friend doing really well, and you’re not gonna be mad that your friend did really well, you’re gonna be really happy for them” Tom added in his interview, he told that the difference in each contest is that is just another one because they continue traveling and fortifying their friendship.

Even if he is really competitive, what makes him happy is the fact that he can continue skating. Athletes like Tom just love to go out and skate, it is a lifestyle that makes you better as a person and as a rider.

The chances that we have right now to see all these huge skaters like, Jagger Eaton, Alex Sorgente, Ivan Federico and so much more are huge.

We can connect with them using just a phone and followed them on social media, something that no one couldn't do before. By now, more kids can see how skateboarding is evolved and they probably are going to be great because of that inspiration.

The kids that we used to know have grown up and they are living the best moment of their careers. They are going to be able to represent their countries and one of them will have the chance of being the first Olympic gold medalist of history, another one precedent for skateboarding.



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