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Time To Celebrate go Skateboarding Day 2020

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


This event has become one of the most important ones related to skateboarding, if not the MOST important of them all, why? Because its a day were skaters all over the world gather with a single purpose, to skate and have fun!

What started as a motivation from the skateboarding industry to get more people to notice and acknowledge skateboarding as a language and lifestyle, ended up becoming almost a worldwide holiday filled with events, music, contests, art, and a SHIT load of skateboarding!

It is celebrated every year on June 21st, many people are currently wondering how the SHIT® will be going down this year due to coronavirus, wee, it seems that not even a world pandemic will be able to stop us from hitting the streets and have fun in our boards.






New Approaches

In an official press release the Go Skateboarding foundation referred to some of the measures that are going to be taken for the different events, they offer alternatives and encourage skaters to the safe practice and engagement of activities to avoid health risk situations due to the pandemic:

“Due to social distancing and continuing CoViD-19 health concerns, this year’s celebration has been lightheartedly dubbed ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ with the emphasis on #skateathome and the skater’s do-it-yourself ethic of building stuff to skate wherever you are,” said GSF Executive Director Mark Waters. “It’s amazing, even with coronavirus and the precautions of social distancing, to see kids planning and creating their own scenes and their own Go Skateboarding Day events. We encourage everyone to skate at home, exercise proper social distancing if you’re out and about, and to film a trick, wherever you are, and post it with #GSDBestTrick. And as always, be respectful, avoid conflicts, and watch out for each other.”


Back In The Streets

Altho these measures are just suggestions from the organization, we are pretty sure that most of us will try to go out and hit the streets, we have been #skatingathome for too long now, and it is true that in some countries some of the measures have already been dropped and people can now go out in the streets, however, we do advise for everyone to wear a mask and perform healthy social distancing, just in case you know? Make sure to keep yourself and the ones you love safe!


Promoting Skateboarding

Another of the main focuses of the event and the organization is to have more people skateboarding, and raise money for the boost of the discipline in areas in need of skateparks, promote local skate shops, and raise money for local charities and communities in risk!

So if you are able to donate and participate in these events, make sure to do it and keep in mind that those few bucks you spend on that shirt could really help a local shop or even end up being used to build a park on a part of town that it’s really in need for one.

To help the foundation that made all of this possible directly you can purchase the limited edition GSD T-shirts and poster artwork available in the Go Skateboarding Day website in which you will find previous years collabs from some of the biggest names in the industry including Steve Caballero, Shepard Fairey, and Natas Kaupas to name a few!

Make sure to check the events social media so you can find out how the SHIT® is going down in your city or country:

  • Instagram @goskateboardingday
  • Facebook

There you have it my dudes and dudettes! How will you be celebrating the most

important date of the year for skateboarders, Enjoy Sunday and GO SKATE!


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