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The World Rookie Tour: First Skateboarding Edition

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


The WRT is organized by the Black Yeti Srl in collaboration with the International and National Sports Associations. It consists of a selection of high-quality international events, in snowboarding, Freeski and most recently, skateboarding!

The participation in these events are focused only on riders under the age of 18 providing rookies and AMs a chance to learn and be a part of the industry of snow and ground boarding sports and give these dudes and dudettes a chance to compete with people from all over the world! The events are held in Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Asia making the event a global institution promoting and developing these disciplines.

Youngbloods from over 30 countries have the chance not only to enjoy the qualifying events, they will also get guidance and even a chance to get video and photo shoots showing off their skills to help them out in the growing and development process of a professional athlete, the winners of the events can also receive tickets to compete in other world-renowned events such as the Mystic Sk8 Cup and the X Games to name a few!






Last Years Highlights

The event has been focused mostly on snow related extreme sports but in 2019, they started providing a chance for skateboarders to participate in this amazing experience! The WRT Skateboarding 2019 Finals were hosted in Portugal after the winners of qualifying events in Milan, Les2Alpes, Bozen and Zürich competed for a chance to be in the long awaited event. Skaters from 7 countries competed for a chance to become the new rookie champion, the finals were held in Portugal in the beautiful Parque das Gerações skatepark, in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

Daniel Santos was one of the highlights of the event, he displayed an amazing performance through qualification but did not make it to the finals, however, as a price for his effort and skills, Daniel won a ticket to compete in the Simple Session in Tallin, one of the most remarkable skateboarding events in Estonia.


2019 World Rookie Skateboard Champions

⦁ World Rookie Street Champion – Guilherme Lima

⦁ World Rookie Girl Street Champion – Madalena Jacinto

⦁ World Rookie Tour Grom Boy Street Champion – Madu Teixeira


How Can You Qualify For The WRT?

Here is the full criteria you need to keep in mind if you are a rookie looking to apply or if you are a coach of a team that is looking to get its first break in world events:

⦁ You MUST be a part of the National Sport Association.

⦁ Rookies (men and women) born from the 1st of January 1999 to the 31st of December 2004.

⦁ Groms (men and women) born from the 1st of January 2005 and younger.

National Quota: every Nation is allowed to nominate 4 Riders (3 men and 1 women). It's up to the national association to define how they give out the spots. To get in touch with your national reference contact please write to

⦁ The top 3 riders, both men and women / Rookie and Grom, and the Best Trick winner, from the previous international stops are already qualified to the World Rookie Finals.

Wild Cards: the organization can assign up to 8 wild cards for the final to partner events, team, sponsor or single athletes.

⦁ National secretaries or national coaches are allowed to send their team registrations.

Unfortunately, due to the current world situation with ‘Rona, all of the WRT events have been postponed, we hope that once the situation goes back to normal we will be able to hear more of these guys! However, if you want to get a glimpse of what this SHIT® is all about, the full episode on the first WRT skateboarding championship is already available to stream and we have it right here for you! So what are you waiting for?!


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