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The Sorority of the Wheel

By Paula Osorio.
Osorio is a skate culture lover and a full-time writer for SHIT®️ Magazine.


We’ve written a couple of articles in the past that highlighted the talent of some of the best skaters in the world that just so happened to be women. We won’t ever get tired of featuring the most important events around the world featuring the ‘ladies of skate’, mostly because there are always great things to say about them. Many brands and crews have sprung up with the intention of hosting and sponsoring female skaters and they’re doing it incredibly well. Here we are, to show you how Girl Power keeps inspiring women in skateboarding. We are inviting fans to appreciate their skills with us. 



Brands That Take It Seriously

In recent years, one of the biggest global brands in skateboarding has bet on female talent at all costs. In 2020 Vans released one of the most prolific and inspiring skate vids of all time. “Credits” was directed by Shari White and features Una Farrar, Breana Geering, and Fabiana Delfino, with special appearances from Beatrice Domond, Cher Strauberry, Clara Solar, Poppy Olsen, Helena Long, Adelaide Norris, Dayana Young, and the director herself. And if that was not enough, they have also generated a worldwide movement that includes  Brighton Zeuner, Lizzie Armanto, Yndiara Asp, and Mami Tezuka. This movement called “Vanguards” purpose is promoting individuality, creativity, and self-expression in the female skating scene. Helping the ladies to raise their own voices in support of each other, to be like sisters.






Another brand that is making history thanks to its female empowerment is Meow Skateboards. A company founded by Lisa Whitaker in 2012 as a support brand for a Girls Skate Network. Their website is made to back the success of female skaters. Their team includes pro skaters Vanessa Torres, Nanaka Fujisawa, Mariah Duran, Kristin Ebeling, Christiana Means, Annie Guglia, Poe Pinson, Marissa Martinez, Liv Lovelace, Yuri Lee, and Amy Caron. Meow provides signature decks to some of them as well. The high-quality products Meow has and the super-strong skills the crew displays in their vids show the dedication and power these girls have. 


Girl Crews

None of this is a marketing stunt. Women from different regions have gathered together to support each other in the skateboarding scene, trying new tricks together, celebrating each other’s achievements, and just having some all-girls fun. There are a bunch of notable examples of the ‘sisterhood of the wheel’. One of them could be Sisters of Shred, a group of women founded by Tanja Swanepoel in New Zealand in 2016, aiming to empower her peers through workshops.

This is the same path that other squads such as BRUJAS and Skate Witches have traveled. Two groups that, almost harmoniously, reside in different places. The first is a New York-based collective and streetwear brand, and the other, an international crew dedicated to the production of zines Their name is inspired by a cult video where a bunch of girls can be seen pushing dudes off their skateboards. Both teams have a certain conceptual similarity with Skate Kitchen, another group of girls who challenge the old-fashioned concept that women belong in a kitchen. The way they show they are against this is by taking their boards to the streets and wrecking the asphalt apart.


We invite all women who are reading this, to keep on doing whatever they are doing, keeping it real, and continue to fight for what belongs to them: a world filled with love and support for all.

Do you know of any other examples of female empowerment happening in the skateboarding scene? Please share in the comments box below so that we can also keep an eye on things :D

Peace Out & Girl-Power for the win!


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