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The Similarities Between Surfing and Skateboarding

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


They both use boards and require balance of the body in order to be performed correctly. Also, they are fun to ride. Maybe one is seen as a Hawaiian hobby and the other as more of a means for transportation, but they are both much more. They share a lot of tricks and maneuvers, whatsmore, they share the same cultural values and lifestyle. You may surf or skate, or maybe both, but the freedom ideals are just the same.


Surfing and Skateboarding Don’t Agree to Disagree

Skateboarding and surfing is similiar we love both

The most similar thing between them is that it all depends on your creativity and imagination. When you ride you are absolutely free to do whathever you please. In both you must be standing on top of the board, turning your torso 90 degrees and head your shoulder first. Wipeouts are something you will always see with both surf and skateboarding. The one thing you will have to deal with is the certainty of getting beat up, on the sea just like in the streets.




A Culture Beyond One Activity or the Other

Photo: Jason Lee (Unsplash)

If we talk about the lifestyle, it has also a lot of similarities. You need some shoes for it (or the lack of them), a type of clothe you wear that identify you as part of the culture, the freedom within, the type of friends you make is all in a same social circle where you can feel accepted and at home. Also, you will not be stopped to get speed, you are free to skate or surf and cruise and enjoy a faster pace of living. You will not need a team for these activities, and if no one is around you can still surf any wave or skate any park, bowl or street you like. That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it with a group of friends as well.

If you skate, surfing will be easier for you and vice versa. The free spirit is also attached all the way, and riding will let you push the edge further and further. Now you know, it doesn’t matter if you skate or surf, the rad impulse is there and the rebel instinct will not go away, so appreciate both of them because without surfing it wouldn’t be skateboarding. And without skateboarding, well we wouldn’t be enjoying ourselves.


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