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The SHIT® Story Part 2: The Rising

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


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The word of SHIT® had just began to spread out. It leaked for good. Ground zero was Norway, and in a few years the whole country was overrun by it. It was in every skateboarders’ mouths, everywhere you looked that had a skateboard in the frame was most likely to have SHIT® on it. Shops and magazines were even selling it! But it was not enough… Frode and Kim had one clear long termed objective: complete global domination. SHIT® would assume direct control of things. From 2005 to 2012 they had clients for distribution in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, UK, USA, China, Greece, Italy, among others. Europe had fallen to SHIT®; the Norwegian phenomena was replicating itself and it couldn’t be stopped.


The New Objective – Operation Global Domination

Shit skateboard company Frode Goa and Kim Stokke

They had the sales, they had their art and creativity, they had partners and friends supporting them, they had their faces and pictures of their products on magazines in every corner of Europe and they loved the deck just as intense as the first day. What was missing? What was separating them from total conquest and eternal triumph? SHIT® needed a headquarters and its own personal militia; that was it. They had a flag: their slogan ‘For Skateboarders - By Skateboarders’, that united a great number of Norwegian skateboarders coming from different scenes and with different styles under one banner. They now had a common ground. They could never be more SHIT® than they currently were. 

And so, the army of SHIT® Bro Models came to be, starring in its lines big guns like Joachim Oussalem Bjelland, Gustav Tønnesen, Raffael Schirinzi, Frederik Nærland, Kim A. Ottermo and Martin Mentzoni; highly talented skateboarders that could carry with them the message of SHIT® in their decks. Advertisement was a usual and effective strategy to get into magazines, but to have skateboarders shredding and grinding cities all over the world with the brand name was a major victory and a one step closer to domination. SHIT® skateboarders and decks soon began to appear in prestigious magazines, like Transworld Skateboarding and The Source. Now it was just the matter of the HQ.


SHIT® Now Available AS Store

Frode Goa flying


The team needed to take SHIT® into a space of this physical realm. It had lived too much relying on other shops for the distribution of products and for direct clients. They had to seize the market and the pure demand for SHIT® products. It was the idea Ola Barkved, mentor of Frode and Kim, to establish their own shop: the first of SHIT® Flag Stores, to sell their products and promote their own skateboarding events and campaigns. Ola was their senior, teacher, sensei and a well-renowned founder a many huge enterprises. He dedicated his life to help others by coaching them through their companies and how to start one. He just did it ‘cause it was the right thing to do, and never demanded Frode or Kim something in exchange. He even taught them how to properly ask the bank for a big loan without disguising or appearing something they were not. The wisdom bestowed bloomed over time.






Kim’s Departure

Kim flying


Sadly, Kim had to leave SHIT® in 2006. Him and Frode would argue and quarrel every now and then, just like any pair of siblings; still they never had any real reason to break up, they conceived SHIT® and they were going to see it thorough until the very end. Kim’s choice however was never part of the plan, they didn’t really want it, yet fate does have strange turns, and sometimes the only thing we can do is look at it straight in the face wherever the choices we take. Kim left, but he would remain as a bro and a spiritual force of both Frode and SHIT®. He would never really leave.

The flag store came out beautifully. The shops that still stand open for business to this day were designed by Frode’s perspective of this whole matter: ramp and skateboarding bowl like walls and floor to make any skateboarder from every part of the world feel at home. Yeah, Frode was alone now, but he persevered. The shop was a major success, appearing in international media from Spain to Japan. SHIT® grew bigger each year and would someday overflow lands far beyond across vast oceans.


The Future

The hard work was paying off every dime invested. When Frode and Kim were together they had had two Christmas in one year and, even though they worked their butts off from sunrise to sunset, they manage to travel and get to know this pale blue dot of world. All that effort to conquer this little landmass in the middle of an almost infinite universe fill with wonders between every gap? Yeah, it totally was worth it. Reality is way wilder than any kind of dream. But dreams are what pushes us forward and only by continuing dreaming we can make a sense of reality. Some people are wide awake, but some of us prefer to never wake up from this dream called life, at least not without a deck right next to our beds. Dreams are so full of SHIT®.


To be continued…


(In loving memory of Kim Stokke)


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