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The SHIT® Story Part 1: The Beginning

By Andres Pachon

A. Pachon, a journalist and skateboard addict, is a full-time writer for SHIT® Magazine.


Picture two Norwegian skateboarders back in the early 2000’s: they love skateboarding, obviously, but they also love snowboarding during wintertime. They’re also very fond of art, photography, drawing and graffiti; the duo shares many interests that skateboarding itself provides for them. They talk through their decks. With the arrival of the new millennia, this pair of friends: Frode Goa and Kim Stokke, who are just in their early 20s has already shredded and grinded every skateboarding surface available and descended every snowy hill that can be found in Norway. Their styles are true, and their performances are flawless: Frode hangs on his street skateboarding style while Kim prefers to vert and take on ramps, but when skateboarding together they’re one and the same. The future doesn’t really matter to them since the present is just so much fun. And yet they feel something is missing…


Skateboarding and Art

The SHIT Skateboard Company Founders
The founders, sunrise walk, porsgrunn, Norway, early 2000

For years they have been following the artistic design of snowboards and skateboards by the likes of Jamie Lynn and Noah Salasnek, two of their greatest inspirations. Skateboarding and art are a continuous image that haunts and lurks their heads; they’re good doing what they do, and they know it. But is there something more? What else is there? Living and dying by the deck is the fairest of all fates for any skateboarder; still great appetites starve even the greatest of saints, and not even nectar and ambrosia can quench the thirst of demigods who aspire for Olympus.

Legend as it goes talks of one faithful cold winter night in a cabin in the woods, where both blood brothers decided to seal the ultimate of pact: They would sell their hearts and souls for the gig, they would make their own skateboarding company where their love for art and for skateboarding could finally mingle together in the most perfect of all societies, one that they could be satisfied with and live of it until The Reaper came skateboarding through the valley of death. Hours of massive brainstorming passed; names went down through and through, all of them wasted. They needed a name for it since that same night it had already been begotten.






The Name


It is said that the simplest of solutions is the correct one, and that came up just nice for Frode and Kim. Shit was everywhere, shit was eternal, and shit would come down no matter how hard you tried to stop it. It was a big one, but at the end it went down smooth and easy: SHIT® was born. Some say that other skateboarding companies such as Consolidated, Birdhouse and Independent all felt a chilly wind and goosebumps that fateful night when SHIT® was born. They would go face to face against them and battle for supremacy; it would only be a matter of time.



Frode and Kim sacrificed sleeping and eating for SHIT®. The first days were a rocky trail of serpentine hills and dirt roads, and yet they were decided to spread the new message among their peers. They used a great percentage of their funds to start the howl: stickers of SHIT® took over their city and SHIT® signatures could be found plastered on every surface across Norway. Then the stickers became SHIT® T-Shirts, and then, slowly but surely, as a miracle of evolution, the shirts became decks assembled in San Diego, California, with all the design parameters chosen by Frode and Kim.

The first great day of SHIT® since its birth finally came a few years later. A pre-sale tour was made in Norway that excelled all Frode’s and Kim’s expectations. More than sixty skateboarding shops in the country that heard the word of SHIT® and its products where hungry to get all its merchandise available. SHIT® was not alone, it was backed up by many partners and sponsors that Frode and Kim introduced to the company and thanks to their combining efforts it started to get a name of its own among them peers.

At the end of another pre-sale, SHIT® had had more money than what it spent in the first place. The news came in: 1.000.000 NOK were made on one day! Frode and Kim couldn’t believe it, but it was true; it had happened at last: SHIT® got real.

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